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Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

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  • Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

    Can anyone tell me how hot a cast iron skillet can get before it gets damaged... or in other words is it possible to damage a cast iron skillet in a wood fired oven?

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    Re: Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

    I've had my dutch oven and iron skillets in at 600F with no problems...other than smoking oil (that will become quite flammable) and the need for really thick hot pads/oven gloves. I also have a steel pan that I use for quick sears & flash cooking...no problems with it either. I think you definitely want to avoid any of the pans with an added coating (teflon through ceramic) on the metal.

    I also don't think it's a good idea to use some of the pans with multiple material bottoms, i.e. a layer of aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel (or soft, silicone grip inserts)...most of these types I've looked at specifically say "good to 450F" or so...doesn't give me a comfortable feeling to even think about using them at the higher temps possible in the WFO. Stick with the cast iron or steel pans and you should be able to use them without problems in the 500-600F range.
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      Re: Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

      They work great. I use a lodge skillet and a cast iron grill plan in my oven. Had it in there at 700+. The only real issue is that at those temps it will burn off your seasoning!

      Somewhere on the forum there is a video of Peter Reinhart cooking 2 minute ribeyes in a cast iron skillet at super high temps. I am going to try that this summer!
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        Re: Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

        Cast iron melts at about 2000 degrees so that is not an issue at about 400 degrees you will burn off the seasoning I.e nonstick finish that you want to preserve. The greatest issue is thermal shock if you take the pan out and place it on a cool surface.

        Cast iron is still in my opinion the best material for cooking utensils for a WFO


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          Re: Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

          I use an enamel coated dutch oven but only at moderate temps. Most have an warning about high temps if they have a synthetic coatings. Clean cast iron seems to be fine.
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            Re: Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

            Yes, once it start melting, its to hot!


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              Re: Using Cast Iron Pans in the WFO

              I used our skillet at 525C (977F) for cooking garlic prawns in the door way of the WFO, it only took seconds for the oil to be at the right temp! Prawns cooked in less than 90 seconds. Will no damage tot he skillet or oven.

              Just be aware the heavy skillet can chip the floor if you knock it against the floor tiles.
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