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Pizza making technique

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    Re: Pizza making technique

    G'day Tscar
    Heard tell of those pizza screens but have yet to come across them, not that I've really hunted. Since you have used them, do you think they have there place?
    Regards dave
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      Re: Pizza making technique

      When your pizza is bigger than your peel, they are indispensable.


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        Re: Pizza making technique

        Hey Dave - This is a staring point, close to home for you too.

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        I have had nothing to do with them but intend to visit when I get south again.
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          Re: Pizza making technique

          After posting and reading the comments here, I decided Saturday to try the flour on the peel. I thought that using cornmeal, the bottom of the pizza had a bitter taste. I thought it's either the cornmeal or the brush I use to clean up the oven.
          This time I used a good amount of flour on the (metal) peel. Place the dough, shake, sauce, shake, cheese, shake.
          After putting the ingredients, it would not budge, so I stretched it a little, left it of the peel and shake it, and it worked for me.
          I also tried on a wood peel but I still had to stretch it some after the ingredients.
          Maybe I should put more flour.
          At least, this time, the bottom of the dough was not bitter.


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            Re: Pizza making technique

            Lots of good info from everyone here. We use flour here so we don't have to have too many extra ingredients lying about. We have a metal peel with holes so any excess flour is shaken off prior to oven entry.

            As far as screens go, I recommend using them when you have guests come over for pizza parties who are more likely to drop sauce on a peel causing pizza flop. Like Tscar said & I agree, when making larger pies they help to set the crust on larger pies and are easier to put into the oven and then you can just take them off in the oven and cook remaining time on stone.


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              Re: Pizza making technique

              Originally posted by di11on View Post
              Hi folks,

              So I have my oven going great. I can make my Caputo based dough no problem. However, my technique appears to be lacking when it comes to actually getting the prepared pizza in the oven.

              So, I make my base and put the toppings on. Getting it onto the pizza peel though, is a bit of a problem for me... the pizza usually gets deformed trying to slide it from the work surface onto the peel.

              I've tried making the pizza on the peel, but then I have difficulty getting it off the peel in the oven... I usually have to shove it off which sends toppings to the four corners of the oven!

              Anyone any tips? I see that pizza places usually make the pizza on a little round grill base. Do people use these at all?
              We also use Caputo oo flour , here is a little trick. Stretch and roll out your dough, then my wife folds the dough in half. I am ready with a floured wood peel, which she places the rolled dough onto. Prepare your pie with sauce, etc. and it is ready for the oven. I take a large knife and slide it under the pie just to make sure it is not stuck to wooden peel. Lastly just before putting the pie into the oven I will bump the peel against the front area of the vent to further ensure it slides off the peel. Now a quick jerk and it is cooking, I cook all my pies right on the floor, 93 pizzas in the last 2 months and counting. Wayne


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                Re: Pizza making technique

                Are you using a wood or metal peel to slide the pizza into the oven?

                If you are using a wooden peel, then rub a bit of flour on the peel before you put your stretched dough onto it, and then prep the pizza on the peel as Wayne suggests. Others use semolina or cornmeal. Personally, I find that those burn in the oven and make a big old mess. I have never found the need for the knife trick. Just a quick shake of the peel to make sure everything moves as expected before putting it into the oven. I find a little wiggle works better than a jerk to shoot the pizza. Keeps everything in it's place.

                If you are using a metal peel to place your pizza in the oven, then make the pizza on the countertop, again on a bit of flour. Slide it onto the peel once it's complete and go from there - like this
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                  Re: Pizza making technique

                  what i do when when i have pizza parties and everyone is having a go at rolling their own and topping etc, was let them maul i mean stretch their bases out then i would transfer them on to greaseproof or baking paper and cut round the excess paper to the shape of the pizza crust. then they could carry on saucing and 'excessively' topping ready for me to pick up under the paper and launch the lot in the oven. if you're having trouble this is a no fail way to get them in in one piece!
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