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Cookware used for Salmon

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  • Cookware used for Salmon

    Before I invest in the terracotta pans I wan't to try salmon in my casa 90 using the rosemary salmon recipe.

    Two questions -

    1) Can I use my calpholon pan in the oven?

    2) I'm only used to making pizza. Typically I get the oven dome white, move the coals to the side and bake with a 850+ hearth. I assume I don't need it that high. What is the process for cooking salmon. i.e., do I just "heat" up the oven with a few pieces of wood and get it to x degrees? (what is x equal to?) Do I move the coals to the side?


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    Re: Cookware used for Salmon


    I think the Calphalon will be okay, but it will heat up faster than terra cotta, reducing the cook time. Maybe consult the online general cooking eBook for methods of fire management. Go to the main FB site and download the PDF. It will give you the specifics you need to do what you want. There's a recipe or two for salmon in it.

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      Re: Cookware used for Salmon

      Just make sure you do not used a non-stick (teflon coated) calaphon pan or any other kind of non-stick

      bake around 475-525


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        Re: Cookware used for Salmon

        Hello Arthur,

        I'll bet you are seeing some serious rain right now.

        Lots of good info in this thread. I think of terracotta as a good general purpose material, primarily for roasting and baking at moderate temperature, and it's good at keeping food moist. You could do a nice light salmon in terracotta -- either domed with a lid, or covered with foil. It's great at roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables, baked pasta, etc.

        For a salmon dish that browns, I would go stainless.

        I definitely agree with the not using anything that is coated with anything other than emamel. Cast iron and stainless steel are my favorites. I've never used anodized aluminum, as my pans have non-stick on the inside. Some Calphalon does as well, so be careful.

        Definitely download the Wood-Fired Cooking e-book. There are some good ideas to work with there.
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