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Pizza bottom not cooked

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  • Pizza bottom not cooked

    My ovens dome was completely white and the fire red hot. I put my pizza on the oven floor and it started to sizzle immediately. The top was done in 90 seconds but the pizza bottom was not. What did I do wrong? What are the optimum oven temperatures to get more even cooking. My dough was 21 oz King Arthur pizza flour, packet of yeast, 1 1/2 cups water, I TBS EVOO. Help!

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    Re: Pizza bottom not cooked


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    Do you have an IR thermometer to check the oven floor? You can sprinkle flour on the flour to judge the temperature. I think it should turn brown but not burn.

    How much insulation do you have under the floor?

    My floor is 550 to 600 when I cook Pizza. I have had the fire burning for about 90 minutes.



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      Re: Pizza bottom not cooked

      If you cast some semolina flou r(about 1/4 tsp) into the centre of the floor after pushing aside the fire and blowing away the ash, the semolina should turn black suddenly after 3 secs. If it takes 4 the floor is not hot enough if it takes 2 the floor is too hot. It will usually be to hot for the first pizza so cook that one nearer, or halfway in the entry where it will be a little cooler. Push subsequent pizzas further in.
      Maybe your floor is still wet. Is your oven pretty new?
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        Re: Pizza bottom not cooked

        In my oven, for a 90 second bake, the floor would probably be ~800-825F. I usually run 850F on the floor and 950F-975F on the walls furthest from the fire and bake times time run 55 seconds +/-


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          Re: Pizza bottom not cooked

          What is your floor made of?