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Blow away your stuck pizza

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  • Blow away your stuck pizza

    Hmmmm, here is a technique I hadn't seen or heard of before for liberating stuck pizzas. Requires the understanding of customers and other onlookers that WFO temps will kill anything.

    YouTube - How to Make Easy Homemade Pizza : Oven Temperatures & Times: Homemade Pizza Recipe


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    Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

    I never thought of blowing under the pizza to release it!
    I'll have to give that a try.

    I don't think, however, that I'll be reaching into my WFO to make the pizza round! I'm already missing most of the hair on the back of my hand and even a nice patch just past my wrist!

    Good find though Jim.

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      Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

      Yeah, blowing under the pizza really works. I'm surprised it does for him since it looks like he has about three pounds of topping on his skin.

      A local diner has installed a gas fired earthstone oven, and is advertising brick oven pizza on their extensive menu. I watched the cook one time, he put the pizza in the oven, and spent some time poking it with a pointed tool. Then after about three minutes he pulled the pizza to the front, grabbed the edge with his finger, and rotated it on the peel before putting it back in for another three or four minutes. I don't think he would grab hold of the edge of a pizza that just came out of my oven. Not more than once.
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        Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

        Two comments: Yup! That's the way I turn my pizzas around. But you have to be fast! I may not be able to do that when I get a few years older

        Maybe it would be better to use a canned of compressed air - like Dust-Off?



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          Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

          Ahhh, compressed air. Certainly better from an appearance standpoint.


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            Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

            or shoot a little propane underneath and light it off!!!

            I have been needing that technique for quite some time - a little sauce in the wrong place is big trouble for me.
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              Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

              I'm with you on the can of compressed air. Not liking the idea of some germ infested pizzalo blowing on my pizza.

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                Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

                Great tip... I've made so many open-faced calzones that my family and guest's pizzas are cooked on a screen. My pizza is the only one vulnerable to the rath of my peel skills.


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                  Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

                  I'm in agreement on the compressed air as well. Patrick is right, if I were to see someone blowing on my pizza I would head for the door.
                  It may be going into a hot oven and all evil doer bacteria is destroyed...I can't get passed the visual. One of those out sight, out of mind/don't ask, don't tell things.
                  We've all heard the warnings about if you knew what was going on in the kitchen of your favorite restaurants - you would never eat there.....this is one of them.



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                    Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

                    "Funny, these don't taste like char marks on the bottom of my pizza"


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                      Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

                      Loogie? Anyone, anyone?

                      2 medium double loogie pizzas only $9.99


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                        Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

                        Well, just in from the oven and I have to vouch for the blowing method! My previous attmempts at sliding a pizza off a peel haven't been too sucessful, so I've resorted to building everything on parchment paper. Last time, even parchment was a bust... oven was around 800 degrees, and I had lot of parchement sticking out beyond the dough. The paper flashed in just a milli-second so I ended up with more that a little char around the outside.

                        I needed to fire up the oven tonight to bake a sourdough bread for a party tomorrow. Veggie son home from college so told him I would make him a cheese pizza cause he hasn't seen the oven in action yet. Having seen the blowing method, I decided to try again with fine cornmeal on the peel. Built the pizza inside the kitchen, and sure enough it was sticking to the peel by the time I got out to the oven. Checking to make sure noone was around, did a little puff under the crust. It slid right off the peel without a hitch. No loogies but since the oven was at 900 degrees, I figure the worse my son got from the puff might be a little meat flavoring from my breath.

                        I guess if I have folks around, I'll have to forego the breath... somewhere around here I have a large rubber bulb that might be more socially acceptable if I slip that under the dough to puff some air under.
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                          Re: Blow away your stuck pizza

                          The "blow trick" works like a charm! Thanks for the suggestion. Amazing. However, my son who's currently using bread flour says it didn't work for him. I use 00, and it works flawlessly.