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  • Peel for baguettes

    I am making the ice-water baguette recipe today, and before I mess them up putting them in the oven -- what are folks using to put wide, hopefully multiple baguettes at a time, into the oven?

    I am looking for something that can handle a couple fo 16"-18" baguette (either sideways or straight on). If there is a nice standard product out there, and can sell it in the FB Store -- and my baguettes won't be "S" shaped any more.

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    Re: Peel for baguettes


    Many restaurant and pizzeria suppliers sell wooden peel blades of various widths and lengths (they'll supply the handle, too). The problem is width versus length. One solution would be to buy blades that are long enough but too wide for the door of a WFO. It's an easy matter to cut the blades to the proper width by trimming both sides on a bandsaw. Maybe your crating guys could handle it?

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      Re: Peel for baguettes

      Based on the input I found here I made a bagette peel.

      I had a piece of 1/4 inch thick maple plywood leftover from a cabinet I built. So I guess I can't say I made it - I had it laying around...

      It works great for bagettes and breadsticks!!! It makes loading/handling individual loaves within the PO very easy. If it were just a bit wider I could get two bagettes on it....

      I keep meaning to cut it down in the handle area, but keep forgetting.

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