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Favourite marinade?

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  • Favourite marinade?

    Time for another joint of Wild Boar methinks...........

    Does anyone have a special marinade or basting sauce that they think would work? I'd like to try something new and US and Oz are the places for BBQ.

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    Re: Favourite marinade?


    to me there are three components to a marinade....

    Simply put that's Oil, Acid and Spice for flavor..... (And some Indian foods like tandoori use yogurt as a marinade) jFor smaller marinades I like to put them in a zip-loc bag and just turn it periodically in the fridge.

    For the oil I almost always use olive oils but other oils are okay (oil helps keep the meat from drying out too much and balances with the acid)

    The acid side comes from vinegar and/or wine and/or fruit. I use a red or white wine, sometimes an apple cider vinegar and sometimes fruits, depending on what flavor I'm going for...lemons, limes, pomegranites...the acid can cook the meat (seviche?) so some chef's don't like to marinate too long but it's never bothered me.

    And for the spice/flavor, anything goes....usually it's garlic, onions, fresh or dried spices like rosemary/thyme/sage.....sauces like soy or worscheshire. work......for sure mustards are good.... jars of preserves I didn't use.

    Okay to answer your question the favorite must be olive oil, red & white wine, crushed garlic and fresh rosemary...because that's what's in the fridge marinating the lamb right now!!!!
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      Re: Favourite marinade?

      Sounds surprisingly similar to what I use Inishta. I use a lot of mint in there as well.
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        Re: Favourite marinade?

        More importantly, what wine are you having with the boar?
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          Re: Favourite marinade?

          Originally posted by Inishta View Post
          US and Oz are the places for BBQ.

          Do you want a Marinade or a BBQ sauce. They are quite different. As previously noted Marinades have an acid, oil and spice. They are used to flavor the meat before cooking.
          BBQ sauce, on the other hand, is usually used during the last stages of cooking. Most BBQ (not all) sauces start with a tomato base and contain a sugar ( brown, white or molasses), and a smoke flavor (such as mesquite etc).
          I have been known to use both on the same piece of meat

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            Re: Favourite marinade?

            Originally posted by mfiore View Post
            More importantly, what wine are you having with the boar?
            Turkey has a massive potential in winemaking with many of the usual suspects......... Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and a fair few indigenous varietals. Massive punitive taxation over the past few years by the incumbent government has hurt the developement of viniculture but there are some really good wines out there. For this boar I have a couple of bottles of a really good Kalecik Karasi. This grape is a native of the Ankara region but I got mine from Denizli. The wine has a lot of fruit and vanilla with great length. Slainte..............


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              Re: Favourite marinade?

              Our go-to, all-purpose marinade is:

              Soy sauce, water, minced garlic, sesame oil. Sometimes also slices of fresh ginger, usually for chicken.