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WFO pizza coaching/classes?

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  • WFO pizza coaching/classes?

    Iím a long time, reasonably successful, pizza stone/home oven user, and completed my wood fired Pompeii oven this summer. Iím looking for help in taking my pizza from ďvery goodĒ to ďtranscendent". Iíve reached the point of not knowing what I donít know, having read all the books, watched all the youtube videos, and made many hundreds of pizzas. Iím trying to find either a class or private instruction that will provide hands-on coaching that will help me identify what I can do to improve my techniques and make really great pizzas. I may someday be interested in more general WFO cookery, but for now I'd really like to master pizza. What do you suggest in terms of instruction?

    I'm in Massachusetts, happy to travel to CA or Tuscany as required, but don't want to break the bank-- I have little interest in a "high end resort" type experience, I'm looking to dig in, work hard, and learn something.
    My build thread: