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  • Frozen Pizza dough suppliers

    I am searching for a US based supplier of frozen pizza dough, does anyone have a supplier they use? I don't want to make my own dough, I have been buying from a local restaurant but they proof with olive oil and I am wanting to try and proof myself. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    This isn't exactly what you are asking but I go to local bakery that has been supplying pizza dough to some pizza places in town. I can but it cheap and it is not worth my effort to make it myself. I can get 1 lb of dough for between $1 to $1.50 depending on what type I want. Might be something to check out. I order the day before and pick it up the next day and I proof it for how long I want.


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      I am also interested in finding such a supplier because what is sold in stores is not what I need. And if we talk about ready-made frozen pizza, we ordered several times from different suppliers and each time was wrong. If you know a good brand of frozen pizza (maybe someone is bringing them from Italy) please let me know. By the way, we recently discovered a way to save money on products. We freeze those products that are much more expensive in winter. If you are interested, you can find out more about how to freeze different fruits/vegetables/food on
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        I am ambivalent about frozen foods. Sometimes it comes across normally, and sometimes a batch is brought in - such junk. The manufacturer is one, but the delivery terms are different.