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Best price for 00 Flour Online?

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  • Best price for 00 Flour Online?

    I just finished my oven and I've been looking around for bulk 00.

    I just went ahead and ordered a 55 lb bag of Caputo 55 lb. 00 Pizzeria Flour for $35 + $20 shipping on

    I figured this was a decent price but was wondering if there is a better source to get bulk 00 online?

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    That's a good price even with the shipping. There is a local food importer here in Seattle (Big John's) where I can buy it for just a little less than your total price (somewhere around $50) but buy it in bulk from them for around $1.70. At the size I make my pies (200g flour each) I'd get about 124 pizzas out of a 55lb bag and don't think I could use it all before it got stale.
    I'd be curious to know what the "best by" date is on your flour when it arrives. With a good date and some sealed containers it might be worth getting a large quantity. How long do you think it will take you to go through 55lbs?
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      Wow, I just put a bag of Caputo in my cart to see what shipping would be - 38.96! You must be lots closer to the shipper.
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        I think i got gouged like 85$ with shipping from amazon. I am not totally sure but i think it may have shipped straight out of Italy as the box it was jammed into was strange and i have never seen that product before. I feel like i paid to much but what ever. I don't have to order it that often that it matters.


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          shipping for me is $25.72. $1.09 a pound I guess it's not terrible.
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