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How many do you cook for?

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  • How many do you cook for?

    I guess we all cook pizza for our friends and family!
    What size party’s do you hold?
    How many pizzas do you cook?
    How many people share the actual making and cooking?

    Our party’s average around 10-14 people but we did cater for 60 on one occasion last summer.
    We like to get folk involved and we expect the family to bring their own favourite toppings.

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    My normal is 6 pizzas for a group of 4 to 8 people but i have done 14 to 16 pizzas a few times for bigger groups. We did pizza for the national night out on our block and we had a huge turnout for that. And i did 16 pizzas for that event with just a little left over. So that is the most i have done on that oven. We shall see what the next one holds.


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      We have around 20 people. We do all the prep and everyone makes their own pizza, even the 4 or 5 year olds. I think that is what makes this event so fun. I cook most of them but there are times i get a break.
      Check out my pictures here:

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        I tend to do the actual cooking and others do the preparation and distribution.
        A few years back we,( Sarah and I) were doing everything and getting well stressed out.
        I make the dough 2-3 days in advance and do it by hand but I don’t seem to have mastered consistency.....
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          Hi, everyone! How great your answers are. I couldn't imagine cooking more that 4 pizzas at once. Especially I like this note: "We do all the prep and everyone makes their own pizza, even the 4 or 5 year olds." Super! Young cooks! We usually have about 6 people at family parties, and wу cook 1 or two pies, or one big pizza. When we have a large party we make other things, mostly shashlyk and plenty of starters ))


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            This post is a bit old, but how do you all handle prepping the crusts ahead of time. We usually have a group of 10-15 every Friday night for pizza. We let everyone make their own pizzas and have been letting everyone form their own crusts. But there are huge inconsistencies in the crusts which frequently causes problems. Does anyone have suggestions on how to stage the crusts if I were to make them all ahead of time?

            thanks in advance



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              Educate those who wish. It takes some practice to get started. Make your pizza first and let the rest follow. Once you're full, go back teaching.

              One more thing, make an easy dough that everyone can manage and increase the dough ball weight 10 % compare to your normal standard. Cut a reference size of cardboard to get the right size for beginners.


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                It all depends on the size of the pizza and the length of the celebration. If the celebration is from morning to evening, you need to prepare everything in the evening and cook during the day. Well, you don't need to cook pizza for a long time. One or two quickly and you're done. Hearty, the guests are happy. Everyone eats this. I also make vegetarian pizzas, people have different tastes.


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                  I cook 2 large pizzas for a small group of friends.