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Pizza ideas for pre-made pre-formed to freeze.

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  • Pizza ideas for pre-made pre-formed to freeze.

    Hi all this is my first real post here besides my small intro.

    We are in the process of having our Portuguese Oven ready to go.

    We are new and want to learn, but I have a few questions or hope to hear ideas to help with a future gathering we will be hosting.

    Our son is having his small wedding here and the lovely couple would like homemade pizzas for the immediate family wedding of 25 people.

    My questions surround this future event 2 months away.

    1. Is it possible to make my dough (no recipe as of yet) form it into crusts, use parchment, freeze to use on the date?

    I am hoping to not have people form pizzas on the day, but be able to remove doughs thaw, top and then bake in the oven.

    The idea is not people to make the pizzas, but have pre-made to pop into the oven while people mill about enjoying the wedding.

    2. If the above is possible I would love a nice Napoletana style recipe to do this with.

    I am doing a ton of research on this, however my searches seem to go back to pre cooking etc and I do not want to do this at all.

    3. I am also looking for a nice recipe for an oregano flavoured sauce recipe, with a bit more flavour than some I have tried.

    I am very thankful for any information one is willing to part with as I am just rushing about trying to make this happen.

    Cancellations etc because of CoVid blah blah blah. Our two families want to make this perfect little Northern BC Canada Wedding.