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    I've been wanting to cook a brisket in my oven. I purchased a nice piece of meat (not so much of the thicker point section) and after trimming off much of the fat the weight is about 4 pounds. I seasoned it with just pepper and kosher salt and will let it sit overnight in the fridge and plan on cooking it tomorrow. I've not done this before so if anyone has any suggestions, on top of what I've already done, I'd like to hear what you can suggest.... tips, directions, experience, anything ........ thanks very much!

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    We cooked a 14 pound or so Corned Beef brisket (store bought prep) in our oven a few month's ago. Just slow cooked it covered with foil. It was fantastic!
    Sorry I can't remember time or temp but just wanted to make your mouth water more ;-)
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      I often slow roast a corned beef, usually around 4 hrs. As you say, it comes out fantastic and it’s cheap. I prefer getting a low salt one.
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        The temperature is the key but difficult to quote as every oven and piece of meat will be different !

        For a 6lb slow cook piece like brisket I would make sure the oven is completely saturated with heat and then allow it to cool to around 200c on the floor.

        Place the meat in a tray and the tray on a rack in the middle of the oven and leave it for 20 minutes, then cover the meat with foil and cook for 3-5 hours depending on how fast the temperature drops.

        I very often set a few bbq coals in another tray to the side and place some damp oak on the coals, I sometimes keep the smoke going for 2-3 hours or just for 30 minutes .


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          I usually marinate the meat in soy sauce, and then glaze it with a mixture of teriyaki sauce and honey half an hour before it's done. True, you need a good sauce for cooking to be successful. I use Kikkoman brand teriyaki sauce. At a low price, it is really high quality, has a balanced taste. Although there are other good sauces if you can't buy Kikkoman.
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