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first pizzas....theres fire in that oven

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  • first pizzas....theres fire in that oven

    well, now that I have built the monster in the back yard I've started cooking
    First thing I did was get that baby hot...really hot.
    Next thing I did was attempt to load the Pizza. Now I can tell you that a pizza can burst into flame. Yep instant charcoal along the leading edge. I don't really know how hot xhe beast is but I have ordered a IR thermometer

    IR Thermometers on sale on amazon $42 USD

    I have to be a little less enthusiastic with wood

    The Temp was still 475 fahrenheit the nest day. I even tried to bake some bread. You ought to see the big black charcoal balls I created still raw in the center.

    I did manage to get a couple pizzas in and out with a limited amount of blackened edges but I can tell you that wood fired cooking can be though

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    Re: first pizzas....theres fire in that oven

    I hear tell that over the first several uses you get an idea for how your oven will perform. And I think they sort of work themselves in, too, as they cure and dry. So, the fire that brought you carbonization yesterday might not do so tomorrow. The thermometer is a good idea though, so you know how the oven really is when you put in the pizza!

    I think many here also get the temp up higher than needed and let it moderate a bit before cooking- maybe that gets the oven evenly heated. It's a learning process, for sure!

    Meanwhile, I'm still stuck on fixing my arch crack. I've had to lay off firing while I get that nailed down- I'm going to do my vent as well, so I don't have to keep stopping and starting.

    Happy pizza!



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      Re: first pizzas....theres fire in that oven

      Sorry to here about the crack. Lots of ovens have them and they work just fine I'll get the hang of this oven. Knowing the temps seems to be essential to good cooking