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WSJ Article on Pizza ovens

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  • WSJ Article on Pizza ovens

    I thnk this article will only be available for a few days, but here it is:
    WSJ Pizza Oven Article - Backyard Ovens

    After that it would be available to subscribers here:
    WSJ Link for subscribers
    My Oven Thread:

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    We are on the crest of the wave

    Dang! Good timing.

    Thanks for the post.

    - Fio
    There is nothing quite so satisfying as drinking a cold beer, while tending a hot fire, in an oven that you built yourself, and making the best pizza that your friends have ever had.


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      There is also a mention of outdoor pizza oven as this year's "must have" item for Texas back yard in the hard copy edition of Food & Wine this month. They mention Woodstone Ovens again and the $10K model.

      Those guys in the WSJ article sound like they should be reading this forum...elbow length gloves?? How far is that guy reaching into the oven?? Someone should send him a picture of a pizza peel.

      Another interesting this month's Bicycling magazine they have 5 of the top pro cyclists list their favorite rides and Levi Leipheimer has a ride that starts in Santa Rosa and runs right through Healdsburg! Just a quick little 115 mi ride


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        I'll check out the race -- maybe the course is nearby.

        Forno Bravo just missed the WSJ article. Christina called late on Tues, and I returned her call, but she had left. By the time we talked on Weds. she had filed the story. Oh well. Near miss.

        Still, if all they can find is a $10,000 back yard oven, they haven't looked very closely. If anyone wants to see if their local newpaper would be interested in their oven -- let me know. We could set something up, and press coverage is always fun.
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