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    You know us northerners and our seasonal affective disorder, right?
    I officially have a variant of that: Wood-Fired Oven Deprivation Disorder, WFODD. It's bad, and the free container of fresh mozz I got for patronizing the olive bar at my local grocery store today has drastically exacerbated my symptoms.

    I haven't fired my oven since the Thanksgiving turkey event and I haven't made pizzas for even longer than that. I'm in a bad, bad way and suffering withdrawal due to lack of fire-play and wood smoke sniffery.

    Guess I have to suck it up and get out to the patio with my snow shovel and blaze a trail to the oven.

    It's tough to be an addict.

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    Re: Wfodd

    I am firing mine tomorrow even though the forecast is for blowing snow...

    Not as cold as Minnesota, but high of 26...

    I am planning on some sourdough and then I got a big prime rib to do the next day. I am going to try the low and slow method...we will see how that works.

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      Re: Wfodd

      You guys are great.
      Pizza Ovens
      Outdoor Fireplaces


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        Re: Wfodd

        Hi Splat/Drake!

        I can see it now. Wood Fired Frozen Ovens! With temperatures up to 4 degrees below zero. Featuring radiant cooling! And the revolutionary "Ice Scraper" peel!

        More seriously! Have FUN! From an oven standpoint there is nothing unique about being frozen so long as there is not ice inside the oven walls. Still, might make firing a little slower than usual desirable. Look forward to your frozen reports!


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          Re: Wfodd

          ...Here you go - it was snowing, *@#??* cold, AND pitch black dark.

          But when forced to decide between Wfodd symtoms and frostbite, the answer's easy, right?
          "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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            Re: Wfodd

            H Frndces

            Your insulation quality looks great! And so does your pizza! Hope the fix lasts a while cause it doesn't look comfortable for the pizzaiolo!

            Happy Holidays!


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              Re: Wfodd

              I scored a fix. The Casa Splatgirl version of you fly, I'll buy= you snowblow the path, I'll spark it up.

              Pizzas came out just as awesome as ever. No noticeable difference in oven heating time or cook time.
              As you can see, we've gotten a boatload of snow in the last couple of days, with the added bonus of a layer of sleet on top of about 12" to make everything nice and crusty. Doing dough and wearing eau de woodsmoke again was just what the Dr. ordered after having spent yesterday eating crackers and dip for dinner (TWO KINDS, what a splurge!) with my terminally miserable, hater inlaws.
              Church of the WFO, baby.


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                Re: Wfodd

                I like that! "Church of the WFO".

                In the 20's (F) last night. Pizza for 10. Snow still had not melted from the top of the WFO this morning..

                AM breakfast of eggs fritada and scones from the WFO And pork roast and a pulled pork in the WFO now...

                Two more pizza parties planned for this coming week... hoping for 'decent' weather... I think that means 'no wind'. Sort of doesn't matter what the temperature is...



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                  Re: Wfodd

                  You went out... in snow... willingly?
                  "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

                  "Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal." -Mike Ditka


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                    Re: Wfodd

                    Originally posted by Archena View Post
                    You went out... in snow... willingly?
                    ANYTHING for pizza!

                    I like to think winter keeps us normal here in the great white north. Not having a distinct change of seasons does weird things to people, or at least that's the excuse I use for my cracker relatives in SoCal and FL
                    Lately it's been in the teens or 20's which makes it all the more likeable vs. the long stretches of sub zero we could have been well into by this time of year. That's about the only time I curse the weather and then only because it's too cold for our daily outdoor dogventures.
                    I think I draw the line at below zero for WFO cookery, but ask me again in January!