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    Re: Pancetta

    Well, you're right :-), I don't eat it raw. Bad terminology on my part. I was thinking of just cooking and eating it straight, like American bacon. I've over salted bacon before, and it was unpleasant to eat with breakfast, but it worked well when cooking soups and sauces.


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      Re: Pancetta

      Originally posted by papavino View Post
      Here's the pancetta. I hung it yesterday. It's pretty salty. I'll need to scale back a bit on my next one. But if I soak and rinse three times before I use it, it should be alright. The basement smells like garlic now.
      Hey Papavino! It's been a week. How's that pancetta doing ? :-) Waiting around a couple of weeks was the hardest part of making it, for me. Check out this soup recipe while you're waiting. It's killer, especially if you let it cook for a while. Calls for pancetta slices, but I used 1/4" cube. The lettuce bit sounds weird, but make sure to do it. It completes the soup! :-)

      Rouxbe Pancetta White Bean Soup