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  • Bread Video Index Page on

    I have created an bread instruction video page on The link is located in the vertical navigation bar (left side) at the bottom.

    The page is here:

    The good news is that we have created two new video, including one where Jim really beats up some bread dough. A good outlet for pent up energy.

    Next comes a new generation of videos with Jim's voice (unless we can convince Nick to be permanently on staff), and after that..... PIZZA VIDEOS. More to come on that.

    Let me know how these work, and if you find any website errors.

    Thanks and enjoy!
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    Re: Bread Video Index Page on

    i tried to make these this week all looked good good first rize but i didn't get a second rize???they just stayed flat ...only thing i did different was i just shaped it from the cut i did not roll it like your video


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      Re: Bread Video Index Page on

      what do you mean by "these" what type of bread? a bit more specific then I think we can help
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        Re: Bread Video Index Page on

        sorry i was refering to the italian cibata i used the biga recipie...looking at the video i didn't fold and roll the doe when forming loaves...maybe that was it i didn't get the fial rize