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First French Baguettes

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  • First French Baguettes

    I tried French Baguettes last weekend and they turned out great.

    I made a poolish the night before and also heated up the oven the night before as I wanted to bake the bread in the morning.

    The next morning I made the baguette dough with the poolish at 65% hydration. I steamed the oven before the baguettes went in and every five minutes during baking for the first fifteen minutes. Actually when I steamed the oven I even gave the baguettes a good spray of water. It was like they were in a sauna. Let the steam escape for the last five minutes and BAM! They were done.

    I had one latter in the afternoon when they cooled with blue cheese and hot capicola OMG they were good. Crispy crust with a nice chew to it.

    I will definitely make these again in two weeks for our Thanksgiving dinner.
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    Re: First French Baguettes

    I was reading a book I think it was the Artisan Baker but not 100% sure.
    French flour has fava bean flour in it
    This gives French baguettes a unique smell and taste.
    Probably increase/evens out the protein levels in flour for a predictable result too.