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Ciabatta technique video

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  • Ciabatta technique video

    We just posted posted a new video on shaping Ciabattas, and guess what. We see Jim's face! The videos just keep getting better and better.

    One comment. Jim and I have talked, and there are two methods of making a Ciabatta. One calls for making a torpedo, then shaping the loaf, the second calls for a three-way letter fold. Jim did the first one from the Carol Field, The Italian Baker technique, and has promised to do a second one using the three fold. We can all share ideas on which works better, etc. We are also following up with a bread peel video.

    I will buy a bakery Ciabatta here and take some photos as well.

    As always, thanks Jim! These are great.

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    Re: Ciabatta technique video


    Thanks. I think the videos are getting better as I ride the learning curve. My girlfriend, Wendy Carlson, was the operator on this one, and for a first go she didn't do at all badly. The Firewire card and software I bought seems to have helped the resolution. My apologies for mispronouncing Ciabatta; I'll not do that again.

    The three-fold maneuver will be next on the list.

    Ahem, I've never seen a photograph of me that I liked, ditto video, but there you are.

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