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Tiger bread made this morning

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  • Tiger bread made this morning

    Baguette base with "tiger" coating. Had a delicious sesame seed taste and looks a bit nicer than standard baguettes.
    / Rossco

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    Re: Tiger bread made this morning

    Looks great!! could you hook me up with some formulas and techniques with that bread. Message me if you don't want to make a public posting.

    Thanks Faith


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      Re: Tiger bread made this morning

      Ditto for me too. I was told it is done with rice flour. I tried mixing a little with water and brushed it on just before putting into the oven, but it didn't work. Would love to know the secret.
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        Re: Tiger bread made this morning

        Make the bread according to your favourite recipe. I used the Reinhart version - see my recent post "Baguette Al La Reinhart" for the recipe.

        I have been fiddling with the proofing process which has made an enormous difference to the bread texture. Before it was dense and heavy, now light, airy and just the right amount of external crunch.

        Following Reinhart's overnight fridge fermentation for great flavour, I get a good foundation for the next, quicker proofing stage using a controlled environment. I use my oven as a makeshift proofer by placing boiling water in a flat pan at the bottom and putting the uncovered dough in a bowl on the top shelf. Light only on in the oven. Shoot for 38 C temp in the oven and an 85% humidity.

        At this stage:
        - prepare your oven for bread baking. It needs to heat up to around 280 C.
        - prepare tiger paste

        Punch down the dough from the fridge and fold sides into the centre and shape it into a ball and proof for an hour. The chill from the fried will be gone and you should get a good rise. Remove dough - careful not to degass and divide into required portion sizes. Fold as per standard baguette folding method. Allow dough to rest for 5 - 10 mins then roll to required baguette length.

        Let formed baguettes rest uncovered on the bench for about 15 mins then apply the tiger coating. allow another 10 minutes bench proofing, then into the oven. I turn off the oven for 3 mins, add boiling water to the bottom pan and spray baguettes with a spray bottle.

        Then, I switch on the stove to 230 C and cook baguettes for 19 minutes - turning at the 10 minutes to go mark.

        Tiger topping

        1 1/2 tsp yeast
        65ml warm water (you may need more)
        1 tsp sugar
        1 1/2 tsp sesame oil
        60g rice flour

        Mix sesame oil, warm water and sugar together, then add liquid to the rice flour until it forms a smooth, batter-like mix.
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        / Rossco


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          Re: Tiger bread made this morning

          Thanks, I'll give that a run on my next bake. Thanks for sharing.