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4 hr Ciabatta Recipe

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  • 4 hr Ciabatta Recipe

    I ran across this somewhere and tried it out today. Being impatient and not wanting to wait for a traditional 2 day bread I thought it would be worth a try. It actuall came out quite nice but was very sloppy to handle with the insane hydration %.

    500 gm bread four
    475 gm water
    7 gm yeast
    4 gms salt ( original called for 15 gms?)

    1. Mix all of the ingredients and let rest for 10 minutes
    2. Using a mixer, mix the heck out of it for 10 to thirty minutes. It starts out looking like pancake batter. After a while it will start to pull away from the sides and act like a sticky dough
    3. Place in a well oiled container and let it triple ( this is very important). It will take about 2 to 2.5 hrs.
    4. Empty out onto a floured counter. Scrape if needed. Roughly shape( about 10 inch oblongs), sprinkle flour and spray with a little oil.
    5. Let rest for 45 minutes
    6. Gently create final shape, flip the loaves upsidedown onto parchment or a floured pan.
    7 Bake @ 500 degrees ( conventional oven) until the loaves are @ 205 internal. Between 15 and 20 minutes
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    Re: 4 hr Ciabatta Recipe

    It will probably work. The idea of the two days- biga or pate fermente, is that the yeast have more time to breakdown the flour, resulting in a better taste, crust/crumb. Your recipe is what the supermarkets do to speed up the entire affair and increase profits. It works, but it is not superior bread.
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