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Underproofed and over sprung

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  • Underproofed and over sprung

    Hey Dutch,

    I tried to rush a couple of whole wheat sourdough loaves today, and got that familiar burst seam that I had left behind. Over the past weeks, I've been giving my loaves a little more time and letting refrigerated loaves warm up a little before baking, and I had not seen the explosion. I used the garage a couple of times for overnight proofing (in the 40s), when I had too much bread for the refrigerator, and that worked well also.

    So Dutch, I think your advice was right. Underproofed and over sprung. Now that I see what's happening, maybe I can start to control it.

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    Re: Underproofed and over sprung

    Now come on James,
    I think your showing off a little here.
    I will certainly have to spend more time once I finish the outdoor kitchen (which is progressing wonderfully at present but need to wait until 12th Jan for some suppliers to reopen after the Christmas break), playing with the sourdoughs and different breads.
    I somehow think that my other half will be putting pressure on me to use the granular dry yeast rather than the cultures that Tim gave me and the one that I started.
    But even though you criticise your bread, I would be proud to have produced such examples.

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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      Re: Underproofed and over sprung

      I am glad. I can still remember some of the first posts you had about baking, James, and can really see how you have grown as a baker. It shows that you are understanding the variables, how things work and what results from manipulation of these things. On a side note to the bursting at the seams...if you angle your lame' a bit on perhaps a 30 degree angle and get a little deeper I think you will be even more pleased with your grigne...you should get those characteristic "ears" that almost serve as handles for the loaves...their color gets a little darker than the rest of the loaf...remember a slightly cooler and drier loaf is much easier to dock
      Great job!
      "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
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        Re: Underproofed and over sprung

        Hey James,
        What recipe are you using for the whole wheat sourdough bread? Looks great to me.



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          Re: Underproofed and over sprung

          I started with the Hamelman sourdough recipe -- Vermont and Sourdough with Wholewheat, but then I had done enough that I have started messing around with my own percentages of King Arthur GP, White Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat and Rye. Various combinations to reach the 500gr and 1gr batches I make. I'm doing these at about 65% water and 2% salt. I start with 220gr of starter (100 gr white flour and 120 gr water) and go from there. Seam up; seam down. Autolyse and not. One fold; two fold during fermenation. Seeds or not. Olives or not. Hotter oven; cooler oven. Inside and outside ovens.

          I think the combinations are almost endless.

          My sourdough started came from CannuckJim (thanks again Jim!), and I've been looking after it. I feed it after I steal some to bake, and the night before I bake and I'm keeping it at 120% water.

          Sourdough is a great hobby -- highly recommended.
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            Re: Underproofed and over sprung

            I agree! Thanks for the info.