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  • Great Book

    I got this book today: Bread Baking - An Artisan's Perspective by Daniel T. DiMuzio.

    Really well structured and very informative book to compliment Bread Baker's Apprentice.

    I recommend it for in-depth understanding of the entire breadmaking process.

    A belated Xmas gift perhaps?

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    / Rossco

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    Re: Great Book

    Does it have much about baking with sourdough? Or other old dough methods? Is it mostly multi-day bread recipes?
    Unfortunately they do not have it at my library yet...

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      Re: Great Book

      This is an overview of the topics covered in this excellent book. It is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

      1 The History of Bread Making
      A Brief History of Bread Making
      Bread’s Impact on Basic Survival
      A Cornerstone of Civilization
      How Bread Began
      Bread: An Accidental Creation
      Mechanized Bread Making
      Direct Mixing Method
      World War II and Its Aftermath
      The Intensive Mix Method
      Rescue Arrives —The Improved Mix Method
      Renewed Interest in Great Bread

      2 Ingredients and Their Effects
      Ingredients for Baking Bread
      The Most Important Ingredient: Flour
      Wheat Dough Can Inflate
      The Wheat Berry
      Wheat Classifi cation
      Other Grains
      Fats and Oils
      Milk Products
      Nuts, Seeds, Grains, and Dried Fruits
      Using Whole Grains
      Herbs and Spices

      3 Basic Baker’s Percentage (Baker’s Math)
      An International Language for Bakers
      It’s All in the Percentages
      Changing Batch Sizes
      Find the Total Flour Weight: Using the Percentage Sum
      Discrepancies in Batch Size
      When You Have Two or More Flours

      4 Mixing Methods
      The First 10,000 Years: Hand Mixing
      Two Stages in the Dough Mixing Process
      Dough Transformation During Mixing
      Precursors to Mechanized Mixing
      Mechanization Arrives: The Short Mix Method
      Intensive Mix Method
      The Improved Mix Method
      Is There a Best Mixing Method?
      Special Circumstances or Exceptions

      5 Fermentation
      Fermentation: A Process of Transformation
      Does Fermentation Create or Destroy?
      Fermentation of Bread Dough
      Yeast Fermentation: Produces Carbon Dioxide and Alcohol
      Bacterial Fermentation: Produces Organic Acids
      Nonliving Organic Substances: Esters and Enzymes
      Manipulating Fermentation: Time, Temperature, and Hydration
      Pre-Ferments: How to Shorten Fermentation Time
      While Increasing Strength and Flavor
      Natural Pre-Ferments

      6 Division and Shaping of Loaves and Rolls
      Giving Form to Dough
      The First Step: Division
      Shaping Loaves and Rolls

      7 Proofing and Retarding
      Proofing Defined
      Judging the Readiness of Proofed Loaves
      Proofi ng versus Bulk Fermentation
      Collapse of Overproofed Dough
      Gas Production in Successful Proofing
      Changing the Temperature of Dough
      Yeast Quantity in Dough
      The Degradation of Dough Structure
      Retarding Loaves of Bread
      Dough Degradation in Retarding
      Specialized Equipment for Proofing and Retarding
      Loaves of Bread

      8 Baking
      Baking Transforms Raw Dough
      Recognizing When Loaves Are Ready to Be Baked
      Scoring Loaves
      Baking Temperature
      Using Steam
      How to Judge the Doneness of Bread
      The Importance of Cooling Bread after Baking

      9 Rich and Laminated Doughs
      The Effects Ingredients Have on Dough
      Strategies for Turning Lean Dough into Rich Dough
      Why Not Just Add the Fat to the Dough?
      Lamination Defined
      The Lamination Process
      Differences between Croissant Dough and Danish Dough
      Some Caveats in Working with Laminated Dough Products
      Shaping Croissants and Danish

      10 Creating Dough Formulas
      Formulation: How Can We Design Our Own Reliable Bread Dough?
      Choose Your Ingredients
      Create a Formula, Not Just a Recipe

      Advanced Topic #1: Flour Composition and Milling Technology
      Elements of the Wheat Endosperm
      The Milling Process

      Advanced Topic #2: Advanced Baker’s Percentage
      Using Pre-Ferments in Formula Creation
      Which Pre-Ferment Should You Use?

      Advanced Topic #3: Controlling Fermentation: Living and Nonliving Players
      Controlling Yeast Activity
      Controlling Bacterial Activity
      Enzymes: Amylase and Protease

      Advanced Topic #4: Decorative Dough Pieces
      Working with Decorative Dough
      Types of Decorative Dough

      Appendix: Formulas
      / Rossco


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        Re: Great Book

        There is an interesting "biga" based pizza dough recipe in this book which I started last night. I intend making the rest of the recipe this evening to see how it turns out. Will report on my observations...

        BTW - a nice feature of this book is that it encourages one to experiment with recipes, and in fact, shows you how to go about doing this and document the findings. I found that it is a great reference to be read together with the BBA. For example, for additional pointers on preparing the biga - I referred to BBA for a method comparison (and ended up using the BBA). Will switch back to DiMuzio's method for the rest of the process.

        Another great thing too is that the "science" behind the bread making process is also explored. Whilst this info may not be of interest to everyone, I like to get as much "inside info" as possible as it is useful for overall understanding of what I am setting out to achieve.

        / Rossco


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          Re: Great Book - Another One

          Another great book with lots of useful info and an informative section on breadmaking:

          5th Edition
          NICOLE REES

          This book extends beyond the basics and covers techniques and the science behind baking all types of cakes, breads and more...

          / Rossco


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            Re: Great Book

            Since this is a 5th edition , you can find used [or new/old stock] copies at AbeBooks Official Site - New & Used Books, New & Used Textbooks, Rare & Out of Print Books .. I have been using them for years.. 7.000+ used bookstores all linked together.. fantastic!