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Roasting a whole suckling pig

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  • Roasting a whole suckling pig

    Hi everyone,
    I want to cook a suckling pig in my oven soon. I have found a good butcher that will get one for me. I need to know what size I want so they can order one in and price it up for me. They also said the smaller the pig the more expensive. What size pig should I be looking at (was thinking maybe around the 4kgs, but really dont know), and roughly what do they charge per kg??

    Also any cook suggestions anyone may have would be great. I was thinking of putting it into a hot oven for maybe 20 mins or so to get it kicking along, take the pig and the coals out then cooking it at a medium heat for 2 - 3 hours...does that sound about right??

    Any info anyone may have would be great.


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    Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

    Hi Scott,

    Let me know if you find any information. I am plaining on roasting a 40 pound pig next week. I found some information here:

    Chris Tan's published writing - suckling pig

    Whole Roasted Suckling Pig Recipe - CHOW

    Not much information on wood fired cooking though, and the recipes are for suckling pigs... anyone out there have any info on roasting a larger pig? I did see the information for Cochinilllo in the forum, but again a suckling pig.

    I'll post the details after I cook the pig next week.




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      Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

      We did a whole pig a few years ago you can check it out on our blog

      The Red Dragon Cafe: 4th of July Feast - PIG ROAST!!

      he is 16 pounds...we should have gone bigger! Maybe 20 pounds!
      Check out our blog for a glimpse into our hobbies of home brewing, soda, beer and wine, gardening and most of all cooking in our WFO!


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        Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

        Three Guys from Miam Pigroast! The Best Way to Roast that Hog!
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          Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

          Interesting! Lots of information there but again it is not cooked in a wood fired oven. From what I have seen I will cook it about 4 hours at a low heat. I will post a report later.



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            Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

            I cooked one in my wood oven. Brought the oven up to full heat and let the fire die down. The pig was placed over a roasting tray on a rack, with the nose and ears and tail covered in tin foil, prepped only with a covering of oil and salt.

            It took about 4.5 hours to cook, and was FABULOUS, served the Brazilian way with wedges of lime, salt, crusty bread and a herby salad.

            It was one of the best meals i have ever eaten.

            The day after 3 sets of neighbours knocked on the door and my oven had to be destroyed (unfortunately a non DEFRA certified oven in a smoke free zone.. luckily I have now replaced it with a fully certified oven but have not yet repeated the suckling pig!).

            Good luck!


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              Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

              I am reporting back on how we cooked the pig.

              We heated the oven up to 800, and then let it cool down to 600 at 1PM. The ceiling was about 530; the floor was 430 when we put the pig in.

              We let it cook uncovered for 45 minutes then covered the skin and ears, at that time the temp was 415 on the ceiling and 400 on the floor.

              Half way through at 3PM we turned the pig around so it would cook evenly, the temp was 330 at the ceiling and 280 on the floor.

              At 5PM the internal temp in the thigh was 160, at 5:30 it was 165.

              It was tasty and moist, I would have liked the skin a bit crisper but it was a great meal. The pig was 30 pounds and way too much for 20 people. I am not sure if I will do a pig again but at least I tried it once in the oven. A pork shoulder and some brisket done slow may be my next test. I think you can season them throughout unlike the whole pig.

              I made a tray out of cedar then formed aluminum foil to the tray, then cut 5 pieces of 3/4" electrical conduit so I could roll the pig in, out, and keep the tray off the floor.

              Anyway I hope that helps someone...



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                Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

                Your roller method is very clever. Black iron might be a good non-zinc alternative, but the idea is very clever for big roasts.

                Looks like a good meal!
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                  Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

                  I stole that idea from the Pyramid Builders

                  I was thinking that electroplated metal was not the best thing to use but it was all I had on hand. You did give me a good idea though. I do some wood turning so I could turn some wood dowels on the lathe and use them when I have heavy items... Good practice for me, then I could just burn them when I was done with them. I doubt a 500 degree deck would do them any harm for a one time use.

                  I forgot to mention I have an Allen Scott style oven so that may make some difference if you are cooking a pig in a Pompeii style oven as far as time and temps go.



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                    Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig


                    I did three pork shoulders in my oven. I have a big roaster pan w/ lid that I lined with banana leaves - put in the shoulders - covered with several packets of El Yucateco Achiote Red Paste 15 oz made in a blender with lime juice - covered with more banana leaves - put on lid and slid it in the overn (I have no idea at what temperature - maybe 500 deg F - left the fire inside and slammed on the door) for 4-5 hours and it was sweet eating. Probably I would not get the oven as hot next time so the top banana leaves don't burn and I'd add a bit of water about 1/2 way thru the cooking.

                    For more information search on "Rick Bayless Pork in a Pit" He digs a hole int eh ground but I just used my oven. The red onions in the recipe are delicious and add a lot of color int eh tortillas - they come out hot pink if you use the red onions!

                    Link for El Yucateco Achiote seasoning - El Yucateco Achiote Red Paste 15 oz. I just got it at a local Mexican store.



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                      Re: Roasting a whole suckling pig

                      Thanks, guys, for those excellent reports!