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I love my oven!

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  • I love my oven!

    I'm just singing the praises of a WFO: No question here.

    Two days ago I had the oven fired up for bread but I screwed up the dough and it was a loss. But the oven was fired up & ready. So, with some coals still in it I closed it up and just let the heat stay in there and walked away to lament my dough. The next morning my wife built a small re-heat fire and put in a pork roast that needed to cook for three hours at a low (300?) temp. But, schedules, children and a hectic day worked toward thwarting her so she put on the door and walked away. 9 hours after placing that meat in the oven she got home and took it out, a tad worried that we now had two bouts of waste in two days. But after the meat came out, not at all the worse for wear by the looks of it, and allowed to set a bit, we pulled off a piece (it fell off the bone) and damn! that meat was still moist, tender, delicious. Granted, she cooked it in liquid but well before the 9 hours that was a moot point.

    I am convinced that this type of oven is the supreme oven no matter what you're up to and even when you make mistakes. If it were possible and practical, I'd have a smaller in-house version too. For every day baking. As it is I use the house oven a lot, lot less than I used to.

    I'm sure the more experienced folk here already know all this. But anyone on the fence about building one might benefit from a little proselytizing.

    Absolutely every time I use my oven I love it more. It's like I've reached some level of enlightenment and I feel a tinge of sympathy for neighbors and friends who have no clue. I try not to be supercilious about it and I feel I am making strides in that effort. It's just so hard not to gloat.

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    Re: I love my oven!

    I agree, a WFO will change what you cook , how you cook and when you cook .. it will ......ahem ..change your life ..
    You will go on and on about it ,till your friends finally relent and build their own [just to shut you up!]
    My friend, political reporter Liz Palmer, says I have Imperialistic wood oven tendencies .. in that I want to conquer the world, one wood fired oven at a time.
    The woman needs a wood oven!


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      Re: I love my oven!

      I love a long cooking pork shoulder in the can't make it taste like that cooking it in a regular oven. I don't know why...

      My wife said I built the worlds largest (and best) crock pot...
      My Oven Thread:


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        Re: I love my oven!

        mmmmm. Pork shoulder. My favorite. I do as much of it as I can get my hands on at once and portion the cooked meat into 1# bags and freeze it. It works as is for tacos or burritos or in soup, chili or casserole. Best freezer stash ever.

        I think I'm a WFO imperialist, too. I never shut up about how much I love mine.

        Nothing makes me feel more smug than doing pizza for lunch, roasting a couple of chickens for reheating for weeknight meals and sandwiches, baking a double or triple batch of bread for the freezer and then slow cooking something, all from one firing.

        And yea, it is the worlds biggest and best crock pot.


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          Re: I love my oven!

          Originally posted by DrakeRemoray View Post
 can't make it taste like that cooking it in a regular oven. I don't know why...
          I think the "why" has to do with the fact that these are all-in-one ovens: Convection; reflective & conductive. But that's just a guess.


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            Re: I love my oven!

            Not only do I love my oven, IT ROCKS!

            My 34" WFO build

            Weber 22-OTG / Ugly Drum Smoker / 34" WFO


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              Re: I love my oven!

              I agree with all of the above. I too wish that I had a small WFO in the kitchen. I think that a Le Cornue or AGA might approach what we have.