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Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

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  • Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

    Hi All,

    Having a Mexican themed NYE party. I have just dressed 5 free range, home schooled chickens from my yard and need a Mexican recipe for WFO roast chicken.
    Can anyone help please?

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    Re: Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

    check this site out ..... Best Recipes - Christmas recipes, rocky road and shortbread recipes


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      Re: Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?


      I love roasting whole chickens in the oven, atop whatever root vegetables and fruits we have. Have done this for years in our kitchen oven, and now with the WFO outside, had a very successful first WFO attempt.

      Chopped up all the sweet and regular potatoes with a quartered orange, and layered them in bottom of a cast iron casserole pan. Salt/pepper/rosemary/olive oil to coat.

      Made a quick marinade of fresh squeezed orange juice, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper. I like to mince the rosemary with the salt before adding to something like this.

      Cleaned and dried the bird as it came up to room temp, then loosened skin and poured most of the marinade between skin and meat. Any leftovers went all over outside and then down to veggies in bottom of pan. Stuffed cavity with the sqeezed-out oranges, and placed bird over veggie layer.

      Roasted this in WFO at 550degF for 30min, turned the chicken over, and roasted about 15min longer. Everything turned out perfect, and the sugars in the orange juice really did a number on everything as they caramelized. This was my best chicken yet.

      Another recipe I like to use comes from the Elote Cafe in Sedona, AZ. They use a rub/cure for most of their meats, and I make a bunch so that there's always some ready to go.
      -1c kosher salt
      -1c brown sugar
      -1T cumin
      -1T allspice
      -2T ground ancho chile
      -1T granulated garlic
      -1T fresh ground pepper
      This cure is awesome for anything, but for chicken it's awesome. Smoking the chicken after it's been rubbed with this cure makes for a heavenly chicken that works very well for tacos.



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        Re: Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

        Whats the "T" stand for? Teaspoon? Tablespoon?


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          Re: Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

          Originally posted by Billz View Post
          Whats the "T" stand for? Teaspoon? Tablespoon?
          Can't speak for the poster of the recipe, but generally a capital "T" would mean tablespoon and a small "t" would mean teaspoon.


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            Re: Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

            Yep, big T for Tablespoon. Hope you give it a shot, but hope you like it, mostly.


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              Re: Mexican Chicken Can anyone help?

              There are different styles of Mexican cooking. Are you thinking of Tex-Mex style, interior Mexico, West coast or East coast or Indian?

              I can give you some style cues for each, if not actual recipes.