No announcement yet. a 7.5kg whole turkey for the 1st time!

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    Re: a 7.5kg whole turkey for the 1st time!

    Here is the results of my 1st wfo turkey: It was a small 8lb bird. I started with a bowl for fresh cut fruit wood:

    Fresh cut dormant winter: Cherry, Plum, Woody Basil, Citrus and some grape-vines and grape stems and pear. I rinsed them, then got my fire to 600 deg in in hour. It was actually too hot for a true slow smoke. But I mopped the floor and was going to put a cold tray of water on it so I assumed it would cool down more than it did. I used a dry rub:

    And also put tray of bbq covered chicken wings too.

    The fire was just a pile of mostly red coal chunks, ash and a very tiny flame that went out went the wood chunks went in. I closed the door and 2.5 hours later, it was a tad over-cooked but really moist and smokey and just plain delicious. Turkey is an EXCELLENT meat to smoke. Its distinctive flavor really takes on the smoke nicely. Next time, I'll only fire to a low, 350 max which should drop it to 200-250 at some point in the 2-3 hours.

    The fresh wood worked quite well.

    And here are the wings:

    Oh, by the way Scott, happy belated birthday to you!, Cheers, Dino
    "Life is a banquet and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death." -Auntie Mame

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      Re: a 7.5kg whole turkey for the 1st time!

      Once you do the "low and slow" smoke on your turkey, Dino, you'll never go back to faster roasting. We smoke a turkey every year at Thanksgiving, and it's the first to get eaten.


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        Re: a 7.5kg whole turkey for the 1st time!

        I have an old whiskey barrel that the local microbrewery used to age a batch of Stout and i'm going to cut it up for smoking chips. my door should be finished by next week and i have 2 turkeys in the freezer. i can't wait to give this a try....