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Chicken Diavolo question

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  • Chicken Diavolo question

    I am going to try the chicken diavolo recipe, and I get the part about pulling the coals out and using the grill.

    Does it matter you do this as the oven is heating up, building up to pizza making, or is it better to do it after the fact when the oven is cooling off?

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    Re: Chicken Diavolo question

    Hey Kathy,

    You have probably worked this out yourslef, but thought I would respond for future readers.

    We do chicken wings alot when we have pizza parties, we have tried this in several different ways and the best I have found for myself is to get some good coals going and then cook the wings on the grill at tthe front of the oven as it is heating up for pizza. I still get good air flow, am using heat that would otherwise be lost, and can take advantage of the coals below and hot air above(convection like cooking) to help get a good chicken wing.

    If you have already done prepared you diavolo, please post your results would love to see how things went.