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Stews and casseroles?

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  • Stews and casseroles?

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if you can do that sort of thing in a wfo... would you be introducing too much moisture?
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    Re: Stews and casseroles?

    I have done many slow-cooked stews - normally a few days after the initial firing when the oven is at around 275 degrees - they work great and no issues with moisture that I have experienced.

    There is a thread somewhere on this site about bread-makers who intentionally introduce steam into the oven - so I don't think moisture from food is ever a concern. At least that is my guess!


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      Re: Stews and casseroles?

      Its low cuts of meat .. Low and slow.. That connective tissue softens and goes to jelly. The vegetable you add you don't stir they just cook in one place.
      You just seal them in. Not just to get the steam to cook them, it the slow constant heat.
      Trust you oven and cover them and seal them in .... Leave them in .. No looking .... No stirring.
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        Re: Stews and casseroles?

        Just found a recipe that I will be trying out in the oven. Lamb ribs cooked long and slow in 120c then cooled. then cut into pieces cooked in a normal oven covered in a glaze. Will let you know how it turns out when I go get some Lamb ribs.

        then don't forget Kleftico cooked long and hard in 360c oven. I have used forequarter pieces, lamb shanks etc,

        I even did a beef bourginon casserole having marinated the beef for 3 days in a bottle of pinot. With the left over made a family pie amazing.
        Cheers Colin

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