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  • Open Fire Cooking

    I recently got one of these Barbecue Grill, Camping Beach Parks, Fire Pit, Campfire Cooking Grill and would like to use it for cooking. What tips can you give me for cooking over an open fire pit?

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    Re: Open Fire Cooking

    Hi Jaclinto and welcome to the forum,
    Boy have you got a lot to learn.
    may I suggest that you plan a trip out to Australia and link up with an outback camping Tag-along-tour trip where you will really experience the delights of campfire cooking.
    Nothing compares to the solitude of being hundreds of kilometers from anywhere, sitting around either a roaring or a glowing campfire enjoying fresh cooked damper (traditional Aussie bread), a lamb roast with all the trimmings and a few glasses of your favourite brew, sitting back watching the spectacular milk way with your beloved and friends/mates.
    That encourages me to plan another trip soon!
    What do you want to cook?
    I will see if I can source some Outdoor Aussie cookbooks for you once I know your preferences.
    You might do a google search for outback cooking cookbooks! Try "outback cooking cookbooks" for a starter!
    The fire containers that you showed will limit your ability to cook a roast if you are just going to cook with the flames, rather than using substantial coals to heat your camp oven/bedourie/cooking kettle, a bit like a barbeque.
    We tend to cook away from the actual fire by removing a shovel or two of red hot coals and cooking on them besides the campfire rather than in the fire itself. We have devices to cook in where hot coals are placed on top as well just like an oven and you can cook anything you like (camp oven/bedurie/cooking kettle). It is a real experience. I always carry a bedourie on every 4WD trip that I do. That said I have a roast meal with my fellow travellers at least twice a week - fantastic food in such remote locations. See:


    I will keep an eye open with this posting.

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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