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Turkey - Dry Run

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  • Turkey - Dry Run

    OK, got nervous about the turkey I am on duty to cook on Thursday, so I bought a "throw-down" turkey so I could test it all out before the big day. Got to love the grocery stores around here when you can get decent birds for 29 cents/pound.

    Anyway, pics below. I got the oven up to 600 ceiling/500 on floor and tossed in the bird, pulled it out after 10 minutes and it was nicely browned (third pic). I then covered it with foil for the rest of the time. Bird weighed 16.1 pounds and when I pulled it out to check temp after 3 hours I had the breast at 165 degrees and the thigh at 177, so I slid it back in for another 45 and she was done for sure. Floor had dropped to 300, ceiling to under 400.

    I put in a coffee can half full of water before I put in the turkey to help with moisture. I put in another cup of water about half way through.

    I let the bird cool and then put it in the fridge since it was getting late. Carved it this morning and took it to the office and it was a hit. Very moist and nice flavor, slight, very slight smoke taste. I think I could have left it in for another hour without a problem, may have been even more moist.

    I'm ready for Thursday. I'm going to cook a fresh one this time, the last was frozen and thawed.

    gooble gooble

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    Re: Turkey - Dry Run

    Most excelent seasonal post! Very cool. I will be cataloging this info for next year as I am not even close to being ready. Besides, my sister and I trade off each Thanksgiving as to who's hosting. Luckily it is her turn this year 'cause I am hoping to be exactly where you are by next year.
    Have a good one - Dry run looks tender, moist, and delicious to me.

    dusty in Sac


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      Re: Turkey - Dry Run


      I so chickened out on this attempt and am presently smoking two breastages in my NBBD.

      When these dudes go on sale, I'm gonna do this. Nice post.

      Did you feed the oven over the 3 3/4 Hr. period or just let it fall?

      How did the KA roasting pan fare? I have one and didn't want to wreck it by sticking it in a WFO.

      Did you rub it with anything other than the Creole seasoning pictured? Brine?
      Inject it with anything?



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        Re: Turkey - Dry Run


        No brine, just as is. I rubbed inside with sea salt and black peppper, and added italian seasoning since it was going in an Italian oven.

        I used a "throw-down" pan I bought that morning at Bed-Bath and Beyond, $20 with $4 off plus $10 mail in rebate. Figures for that money I could melt it and I wouldn't care.

        I did not add any more wood to the fire, just let it slowly cool down. I closed the front of the oven almost completly, left just about a half inch open on one side, pretty much shut down the burning wood to help with a tad bit of smoke flavor.


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          Re: Turkey - Dry Run

          I've found that if you leave in your coals to die out and close the door, your heat lasts longer and you get a smokey flavor. If you rake it out, the heat fades faster, but you get a "cleaner" flavor -- definitely better for bread.

          For big parties, I am always cautious to make sure the heat won't give out too soon....

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            Re: Turkey - Dry Run

            Your turkey looked great.

            I think I am off to BB and B in the morning. I need a good roasting pan.

            I made vegatable stock from scratch today and then added the necessary things to do the Alton Brown Brine.

            I like the idea of the coffee can full of water to keep things moist. I have a bunch of hickory I have been saving for this week!

            We are having pizza tomorrow night and stoking a good fire before we put the door on and go to bed. We should have a piping hot oven in the morning!

            Btw - turkey pepperoni - that is some really good stuff. I thought it would be terrible but I love it!!!

            Happy turkey day!

            My oven progress -


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              Re: Turkey - Dry Run

              It's really not that difficult, but sometimes carving a turkey can be a bit daunting. Here's a good video on the process: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/21/di...tml?ref=dining
              Un amico degli amici.


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                Re: Turkey - Dry Run

                The guy in the video must be related to Paula Deen. Rings and food just don't get it for me. And long nails for that matter.