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  • Daves Smoked Brisket

    Dave, a few questions????

    Your oven will make an excellent smoker. I've been doing briskets. They get better each time! The first few times, the oven was too hot. But last night I nailed one.

    First of all, I cooked pizza Sunday night. So oven temps... 900-1000 or so.
    I left the coals in the oven and put the door on around 8 pm after pizzas were done.

    Last night(Monday) The oven was about 285f. I put a spice rub on my brisket and set it in a pan with a raised rack. Then I went outside, opened the oven, and threw a handful of hickory chips in. (there were still glowing embers, which I tried to get the chips on) Then I put my brisket and pan in the oven and closed the door. This was about 730pm. An hour later I threw in another handful of wood chips and shut the door. At bed time.. 10:00-10:30,........... I took the brisket out and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I put it back in, shut the door, and went to bed. Oven temp was still holding about 285f.

    This morning(Tuesday) I woke up to a juicy smoked brisket. It was almost too tender to cut without falling apart. And actually could be pulled quite easily for sandwiches. The oven was about 235f this morning.


    What size was the brisket? (I assume it's beef)

    Was it warm or cold when it went in?

    Do I understand that it cooked 12 hours?

    Sounds very tasty....how about a pulled pork recipe now?

    sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!

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    Re: Daves Smoked Brisket

    Hey Jim.

    It was a beef brisket.
    About 12 pounds.
    The next one I will probably cook unwrapped for about 4 hours, then wrap it in aluminum foil for the additional cook time.

    I did 2 porks butts last week.
    I used the same method, but my oven was a little too cold. About 280f.
    So I had to light another fire. Which added some temporary heat, but didn't really saturate the bricks, so it cooled back down quickly.

    The pork butts are a lot thicker so require a longer cooking time. So I should of started them... I'm guessing about 310f - 300 f... somewhere in there.

    I put them in at lunch time 2 days after firing for pizza. And cooked them until the next morning. (l lit the second fire that evening). The second fire sure got the smoke going, and flavored the pork butts nicely.

    I think it would of been best if I would of started the night after firing for pizza. Too hot to start brisket, but it should work for pork.

    Trying to control temps in a wood fired BBQ pit can be a pain in the rear.
    It is much easier in the WFO, but the initial firing has to be hot! And you have to place the meat in the oven when it falls to the correct temps.

    So my best guess at this point.
    Shoot for cook temp of 280f-295f for beef brisket, and 300f-320f for pork butts.

    I would try firing on Friday night. Then watch temps on Saturday and Sunday. Try to find the sweet spot.

    And don't forget to toss plenty of wood chips in, or even start a small fire just before adding your meat.

    I hope this helps.

    Let me know when you try it.


    Oh yeah, I think the outside temperature was around 60f-70f. I don't recall it being cold out.
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      Re: Daves Smoked Brisket

      agree with the temps on the pork. Got a good deal on a boston butt and threw it in the Po after pizza the follwoing morning (before I had the door)- Turned out wonderful. Temps were in the 375 to 325 range.

      My oven progress -