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Pork chops and pita bread

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  • Pork chops and pita bread

    Tonight I fired up the oven and brought it just to white, pushed the fire over and roasted boneless pork loin slices in the wfo. I gave them a spice rub, put them on a roasting pan rack directly on the brick floor, in the back of the oven, moving the rack around with the turning peel. I turned them once, they browned on top not on the bottom. About 10 minutes all told.

    To go with, I gave a shot at pita bread:

    50g White whole wheat flour,
    200g AP unbleached flour,
    5g salt,
    1/2 t idy
    160 g warm water,

    Raise, divide in 2, raise, form pizza like skin, place on wood peel, dress with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano,

    Cook quick in the front of the oven while the pork chops are roasting in the back.

    Came out good. The bread had nice blister and char. I didn't get the bubble effect you see in pita videos. Might have done that if it hadn't been oiled.

    And the greasy drippings on the oven floor? I just raked the fire over it, be gone in the morning.

    Sorry, no pics, battery out in camera.
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    Re: Pork chops and pita bread

    Sounds great!

    I did a lasagna tonight in mine. Not the best I've done, but the kids ate it up. Success in my book.
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