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Steaks on coals

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  • Steaks on coals

    Hi all
    anyone cook steaks directly on the beautiful coals after making pizza? Ive inserted a grill on two bricks in my napolino 70 with a tray below to avoid fat drippings touuvjing the oven flooor, but am curious about just spreading out the coals and throwing the steak right on top?

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    Gulf does, he calls it Caveman steaks. Do a search and you will see his postings on this.
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      Also known as dirty steaks
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        It will burn quickly right on the coals and ash sticks to the meat. This is unlikely to be a successful experiment. Just throw away a piece of good meat.


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          Not if it is done correctly. Do a search on the web and you will find that it is fairly common method that has been done for decades. Probably even since man discovered fire. leemc did a video, T-Bone Steaks Caveman Style ,sometime back. I made some comments about how I do them in his thread. If done correctly, no ash or coals will stick to the steak. It is a great method if you like medium rare.

          What I calll overdone can be al ittle tricky. To get them medium well, I will sometimes set them to the side on a tuscan grill to finish after searing directly on the coals. If I am don't have enough room, I will throw a few hot coals over in a Weber.
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            It all depends on the temperature of the coals and the size of the piece of meat. I'm not saying that this is impossible, but the first couple of times meat can turn into a coal