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Rotisserie Chicken?

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  • Rotisserie Chicken?

    I have had a few goes at cooking rotisserie chicken with mixed results.
    Has anyone got a method they want to share?
    I found out it is quite easy to overcook the chicken if the oven is to hot (obvious) but you need an active fire to crisp the skin.

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    I've cooked a few chickens in my oven. A few times I've put the chicken in a dutch oven controlling the skin browning by putting the lid on and taking it off. I also cooked one the other night setting it on
    a rack with a pan underneath loaded with vegetables to catch the drippings. I've not tried the "rotisserie" method but would like to. But in answer to your question, I find if the oven is around 250-300 degrees
    (more towards the 250 degree) that works well. Low temp and cooking slow (longer cooking time) works best, I find.

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      Thanks John, I made a basic rotisserie last week, it worked so well the first time with a bit of added smoke from some water soaked oak pieces but the last two I tried have been over cooked and tough.
      My fault for not taking any temperatures or timings, I am going to have another go tomorrow at a lower temp.....