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Six Legs of Lamb!

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  • Six Legs of Lamb!

    I cooked six legs of lamb on Sunday for our annual block party!

    OK, only four went into the oven and the other two went on the BBQ rotisserie.
    Then, because I'm still getting the hang of this and had the oven too hot this time, I had to get two out of the WFO and into the more moderate heat of my electric oven. The other two were fine just inside the door.

    Two were marinated in a white wine and herb mixture, two were coated with a homemade Moroccan spice rub and then basted with a honey and lemon sauce and the last two were just oiled, salted & peppered.

    They were served up with mint sauce, mint jelly, mint yogurt and - one everyone really enjoyed - a peppery strawberry & mint chutney.

    This was all done in the midst of band after band of severe thunderstorms with torrents of rain. I got totally drenched but the lamb was fine ... more than fine ... it was terrific!

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    Re: Six Legs of Lamb!

    sounds like great fun!
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      Re: Six Legs of Lamb!

      Making my mouth water here, looks great. Gratz!!
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      like chicken...

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        Re: Six Legs of Lamb!

        Mmmh, sounds and looks lovely!

        Any chance of you posting the recipe for that srawberry pepper chutney at all?
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          Re: Six Legs of Lamb!

          Thanks everyone!

          As for the salsa, Frances, here you are - very simple. One thing to know, though ... it should be served within a few hours and kept refrigerated till it is. It will still taste fine the next day but it will not look very appealing.
          It's actually meant to be served with grilled salmon and I imagine that would be a great pairing.

          Strawberry Salsa
          1 cup chopped strawberries (250ml)
          1 tbsp chopped mint (15ml)
          1 tsp lime juice (5ml)
          1 tsp balsamic vinegar (5ml)
          1 tsp sugar (5ml)
          1 tsp cracked black pepper (5ml)

          Clean and hull strawberries, chop into ? inch dice and place in a medium bowl. In a separate small bowl whisk together lime juice, balsamic vinegar, sugar and black pepper until well combined. Pour over strawberries, sprinkle with freshly chopped mint and gently mix.

          (Salmon: squeeze lemon and lime juice over salmon, sprinkle with chopped thyme & oregano and drizzle with olive oil. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Season with salt & pepper. Grill.)