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Brick oven empanadas

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  • Brick oven empanadas

    Look good. Does anyone have advice on making Empanadas?
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    Try this site

    I know that is in Spanish. Ok, it is from Argentina where the better empanadas came from!

    May be could I translate same recipes, or 'Mr.' Google do. :-)

    I used to cook the empanadas in hot fat/lardy.

    These are the best ones. But I am not more in the twenties!

    The empanadas baked in the oven, even in brick oven are in a long, long galaxy away J from those.



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      Good but not good for you

      Wow, deep fried. That must be good.

      Il mio Spagnolo e non esiste. But it looks like you make a dough from flour, lard/shortening, stock and/or wine. The range of stuffings looks endless. Rice and shrimp, meat, tuna and cheese, even Dolce.

      This sounds like something that would do really well in a brick oven.

      Now, how is an Empanada different from a Cornish Pasty???

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        Originally posted by james
        Wow, deep fried. That must be good.
        Now, how is an Empanada different from a Cornish Pasty???

        the empanada has flavor ....
        my site for our pompeii and tandoor ovens


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          This from Michele Anna:

          "Lard is considered healthy by certain researchers and it makes the best dough in the world. Empanadas are always cooked in wood ovens in Argentina. I ate so many versions while I was there."
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            But wait, there's more

            "The best lard comes from good pigs, raised without hormones or antibiotics. It's pretty easy to make your own, which I do now and then. And lard contains many essential nutrients, too."

            Michele Anna
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              I am just translating a typical empanada recipe.

              Like you did see in the site above, there are lots of types.

              I will include tips, however the absolute number one will be: Empanada dough is better when fried in good pigs lard. If fried in lard, it will be needed to care about your fingers. They could finish with many bites. :-)

              I am trying to remember the quantities and procedures.

              May be I will do a dozen, to remember the tricks and to calm my nerves when assisting the soccer world championship.

              Coming next?



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                Empanadas recipe (next message: Tips and tricks)


                Please, see the empanadas recipe below. There will be tips and tricks at the end of this one.

                The quantities are only representatives, and same practice will be needed to adapt the recipe to your taste, environment and oven.


                Dough: 1 kg (2.2 lb) flour.

                300 g (.66 lb) melted fat (baked) or 200 g (.44 lb) melted fat/lard (fried)

                400 g (.88 lb) water.

                1 teaspoon sea salt.

                Filling: 200 g (.44 lb) melted fat.

                500 g (1.1 lb) chopped white onions.

                1 kg (2.2 lb) chopped meat.

                100 g (0.22 lb) dried grapes.

                6 boiled eggs, chopped.

                200 g (.44 lb) of green olives.

                Salt and black pepper, to taste.

                To the filling,

                dress with low firing, the melted fat and chopped onions in a pan with lid, until slightly brown. Maintain the onions moving. Do not let it burn.

                Add the chopped meat and the salt. Cook until the meat be pink/white.

                Add the pepper to taste.

                Apart from fire and let it to cool (warm or ambient temperature)

                To the dough,

                mix well the salt in the hot water, until completely dissolved. Let apart until warm.

                Arrange the flour as a ring (like a volcano, with a hole in the middle) in your counter.

                Incorporate the warm melted fat/lard by putting it in the middle of the flour and mixing with your fingers.

                Whit the grease and flour mixed, add slowly the salted water, by little quantities each time, kneading the dough until it look smooth and shine.

                Put the dough to rest in the refrigerator, in a covered bowl, by half to one hour.

                Take the dough from the refrigerator and shape it in the counter with a roll pin, until 2 mm (0.08 inches) (take or left) of thickness.

                Cut in circles of 13 -15 cm (5 ? 8 inches) of diameter.

                Finishing the empanadas,

                Put a generously filled table spoon of filling in each dough disk, add some raisings, one olive and a tea spoon of chopped boiled egg.

                Moistening each disk edge, fold it by the middle making a kind of half moon, with the filling inside. Seal the edge by gently pressing with a fork.

                To baking empanadas,

                Arrange the empanadas in a clean metal dish or baking sheet, ready to go to the oven.

                Let your oven reach the maximum temperature and bake the empanadas by ten minutes (take a look and retire from the oven, when the dough is pale brown with dark spots).

                To fried empanadas,

                Heat melted fat in a half filled pan. Let the fat get hot. Do not let it burn. Decrease the fire a little, just to maintain the fat hot.

                Deep fried the empanadas by two or three at time, by one to two minutes until pale brown.

                Retire and let dry over a grid.

                To eat,

                Use your fingers (never fork and knife). Be carefully because the empanadas will be hot and the filling will be juicy. Do not use your better shirt J

                A glass of good red wine could not be out!

                Please, read the following, Tips and tricks.



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                  Empanadas recipe - Tips and tricks

                  This message follow the original 'Empanadas recipe'.
                  Please, read before start with the empanadas.

                  Tips and Tricks:

                  The empanadas will be unforgettable if fried in pig fat, in place of baked in oven. There will be two important reasons, the first one will be the marvelous taste, the second one, the deeper impact in your digestive apparel. Do not eat a lot! Even if you like these too much.

                  Drinking fine wine is good to fight cholesterol, helps in the digestion and is a must with empanadas.

                  Like as all food types, several changes could be made with the dough and filling.

                  Some people like to add from 1 to 3 egg yokes to the dough.

                  A tablespoon of sugar will enhance the taste too.

                  More or less fat could be used, depending on you. Even, pig fat and butter could be used in 50/50% proportion. Either butter or margarine.

                  However, nothing replaces the taste of the animal fat.

                  When mixing fat and flour, the lard must not be hot, just warm, because hot lard bitter and harder the dough.

                  To shape the dough, it could be folded like an envelope from twelve and six to the middle, rolled, folded again from three and nine to the middle and repeating this operation one or two times. This changes the original dough appearance to a more pastry dough type.

                  Knead the dough a little when is going to be fried, and work more with it when going to be baked.

                  The traditional sealing of the filled disks edge is by crimping it. Taking the end of the ?half moon? edge ? the size of one inch of the perimeter - with your fingers (remembering that the disks were filled and folded by half) and gently pressing within your thumb and forefinger to seal and bend it over itself. This movement let the first inch of the perimeter folded over the second inch. Take this second inch and repeat going to the third inch. The way to go is the former inch of the perimeter overlapping the half or third part of the next inch. Go this way until completely sealed.

                  Sealing as above explained give structure (eat by hands) to the empanadas and the borders will be crunchy.

                  I am so sure that by taking a look at the pictures in the site after mentioned will be easy to figure what I am meaning.

                  Do never use silverware to eat empanadas. (Do not bit your fingers or dirt your shirt too!)

                  The dough could be prepared in antecedence and rested in refrigerator.

                  The meat to be used to filling, will be a juicy one (I do not know your cuts, here we use ?nalga? or ?cuadrada?, I am pretty sure that could be beef) and chopped by knife. This is important. The big secret of the preparation of the meat to fill empanadas. Do not cut too thin. The meat need to have ?body? to be sensed (or bited) when the empanada is tasted. The juice of the meat mixed with the flavor of the onions, spices and fat is the crucial point here.

                  The salt will be added after cooking to give flavor to the meat.

                  The pepper and species will be added before cooking, to avoid loose of flavor when cooking.

                  The empanadas will be fried with hot oil/fat, no burning oil/fat. Too much hot gives a bitter taste to the dough.

                  A full potato or lemon leaves could be used in the fat for frying. This is to avoid it of burning.

                  The empanadas will be baked at the maximum oven temperature (like pizza does).

                  The empanadas could be brushed with egg yoke when retired from the oven.

                  The empanadas could be brushed with egg yoke before baking.

                  The grapes, chopped egg and olives could be left out or replaced. The above recipe is an original one.

                  It is possible to use a lot of different fillings, like ham and cheese, corn and gorgonzola cheese, chicken and hot pepper, and so on.

                  The filling could be sweet one, too. Like the traditional cheese and quince (in a piece) or sweet potato.

                  To make the sweet empanadas, the dough could be use butter in place of lard, fried in oil or baked and the dough could be brushed with yoke and sprinkle some sugar over it.

                  It is all that I can remember by now.

                  May be the explanation is not too great. Do not worry. Try it. There will be no regrets.



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                    Pig Fat


                    My arteries can't wait for a feed of pig fat. Thanks for the detailed recipe and tips. Now all I need is some good red wine.

                    "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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                      It's all about balance.

                      I have started eating things I would not have a few years ago -- all in moderation. We threw out margerine (even the healthy collestoral reducing stuff) and use great imported butter for everything. In moderation. The flavor is great and I am guessing it's better for you.

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                        I render my own pork lard for tamales. It is better for you than Crisco!

                        Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
                        Lisa: No.
                        Homer: Ham?
                        Lisa: No!
                        Homer: Pork chops?
                        Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal!
                        Homer: Heh heh heh... ooh... yeah... right, Lisa. A wonderful... magical animal.
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                          Baking empanadas (pics) part 1

                          Feeling like Homer, today :-)

                          Following, pictures from the last batch of empanadas.
                          Directions mailed before in this thread.

                          PavoYEmpanadas in each picture means Turkey and Empanadas, since in the last weekend we had oven roasted turkey with potatoes for dinner on Saturday, normal and big size baked empanadas for lunch on Sunday and chocolate/nut cookies as breakfast.

                          For filling, follow the directions and see pictures 3, 4, 5 and 6. Reserve in refrigerator until cold (overnight will be ok).

                          The above directions are referred to meat filling, which is used in the traditional empanada.

                          I made a second batch with ham, chopped onions (caramelized) and two types of cheese. These were excellent too.

                          For dough, the pictures 9,10,11,12 and 13 shows the process and the final ?tapas de empanadas? (as the individual dough are knew).

                          The picture 14 show the finishing, see the filling on open tapas, along with an olive in each one, and two finished empanadas.

                          The edges were finished by pressing with a fork (easy form) or by ?repulgue? (traditional and more crunchy).

                          Baking in oven, picture 18.

                          On table and closed look, 20, 21.

                          Ending with a big empanada made with leftover meat and ham filling, something like cream cheese and same dough. Great one!

                          Please, feel free to ask.



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                            Baking empanadas (pics) part two

                            This is going gooood!


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                              Baking empanadas (pics) part three

                              Let?s eat!