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Do you have a wood fired recipe that gets rave reviews from family and friends? Now is your opportunity to not only share it with other wood fired chefs and enthusiasts, but get rewarded, too! Starting June 1 through July 30, 2016 we are holding a Summer Wood Fired Recipe Contest and the winner will receive a $75.00 shopping spree in the Forno Bravo Store.

Submit your recipes through the Forno Bravo Community Cookbook “Submit a Recipe” button. The winner will be based on the number of votes the recipe receives. A link to the recipes will be posted on the Forno Bravo Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest pages and the Forum. To be eligible to win, your recipe must include a photo of the dish being cooked in your wood fired oven.
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Video on roasting chicken

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  • Video on roasting chicken

    i've posted a couple of 1 minute videos which show the chickens we have roasted and the oven lit up by the rope light in the front of the oven. (the*guests were lit as well).**our second attempt was vastly superior to the first. my roasting observations*so far*are as follows:

    1. we bought one of those*thingees that goes up the chicken's butt at home depot. highly recommended.

    2. use a pan underneath with the lowest sides you can find. the second chicken we did was in the shallower pan and came out much more nicely browned.

    3. do not surround the chicken with veggies. i think it cuts down on the browning and its hard to time the veggies and the chicken to be done at the same time.*

    4. get the oven "pizza hot" and then let it come back down a bit before putting the chicken in. don't let the oven get too cool though ( i would estimate ours was at 500 F; all the soot had burned off and the heat was the "shimmering" kind). [disclaimer: i don't have my insulation on yet. i'll probably have to relearn everything again in one month].

    5. tent a piece of tin foil over the chicken for the first 20 minutes. then take the foil off and turn the chicken as required to get a nice browning.*(keep checking every 5 minutes).*our second chicken was in for perhaps 1 hour and it could have been left in for another 15 minutes with no loss in quality.*(it was a big chicken). *it was very moist and tender.

    videos are in windows media video format:

    first chicken and rope lights:

    high quality (broadband) <http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/lights_chicken_action_broad.wmv>http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/lights_ch...tion_broad.wmv
    lousy quality (dialup) <http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/lights_chicken_action_dialup.wmv>http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/lights_ch...ion_dialup.wmv

    second (superior) chicken:

    high quality (broadband) <http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/chickenbroad.wmv>www.cpsusa.com/ebay/chickenbroad.wmv
    lousy quality (dial up) <http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/chickendialup.wmv>www.cpsusa.com/ebay/chickendialup.wmv