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First Pizza Christmas Pizza

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  • First Pizza Christmas Pizza

    Well, we finally christened the oven on Christmas eve. 15 people were at the house.

    Used rice flour on cardboard boxes (Thanks to the Postal Service) after stretching the skins.

    Used a 60% hydration dough, had great oven spring. Everyone made their own pizzas. Had 1 donation to the fire (retrieved and given to the dogs!) And 2 pizzas that stuck due to failure to follow instructions - sauce too close to edge and messing with the dough (flipped the wet side onto the cardboard so it stuck!)
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    Re: First Pizza Christmas Pizza

    Hi Chris,

    Locate a Bed, Bath &, Beyond (your wife will know) and pick through their $10.00 wooden peels for one with a nice straight wood grain. I added a short handle extension on mine (glue & screw, etc.) then tapered the front a little so it would easily slip under a cooked pizza. EBay has some 8" round aluminum peels that are great for reaching inside the oven and turning. You'll be making pizzas like a pro in no time. I bought some long, round, handles at Ace Hardware and made Italian style aluminum peels. Search eBay for best prices and shipping, buy short handle ones and add custom handle features.

    Our extended family has all departed and there are lots of leftovers from Christmas dinner. I'll be making turkey and ham topped pizzas. Not sure what to do with the left over sweet potatoes and gravy though....maybe "surprise pizza" LOL.

    Happy holidays,

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      Re: First Pizza Christmas Pizza


      Thanks for the places on where to get the goodies - kids gave me a "gift certificate" for the items - so off they will go tomorrow.

      I wish you and extended family a most Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


      p.s. I used the Costco bread flour to great success and rice flour on the peels (cardboard) for releasing - thanks to ThermoJax!
      Jen-Aire 5 burner propane grill/Char Broil Smoker

      Follow my build Chris' WFO