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4 kg snapper

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  • 4 kg snapper

    Well last night we had a little cook up for about 20 people for my boy's 6th birthday

    It wasnt anything real special just a 4kg snapper baked whole and a few prawns.

    For the non fish eaters that were there we did a beer can chicken and a few wings for the nibble's

    Well that was the plan anyway. My dad came over and as he's an old baker that did his trade on a wfo he showed us how to mix up a "normal" dough and make a couple off cob loaves and french stick's to add to it

    sorry i didnt get any pics (i was to busy having a water fight with the kids while it was all cooking). I think i like cooking roast's in the wfo more than pizza'z now after taisting how they end up. and with the heat in oz in summer it's a lot better having the cooking done outside instead off in the kitchen

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    Re: 4 kg snapper

    i was to busy having a water fight with the kids
    I would have thought that you would have had enough water up there to last you into NEXT YEAR!
    Anyway, great to see you putting your oven to use and please pick your Dad's brain on hints, tricks and experiences and share with your fellow members.
    Remember, once your dad goes, all that knowledge and experience goes with him an is lost forever!


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      Re: 4 kg snapper

      I baked a rainbow trout in a WFO in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and the fish farm guy told me of a little tip. He said the fish is done when the eye turns opaque. It took about 15 mins. The fish was about 2 Kg and delicious by the way.
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        Re: 4 kg snapper

        thanks guys i will get some info off dad ...the only problem is he is used to baking 50 loaves at a time and 1 kinda had him scratching his head

        we tried a "net" recipe as my one and my dad just looked at it and said a bit more water and it was fine