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Rye Sourdough Pizza Dough

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  • Rye Sourdough Pizza Dough

    Well I started to get tired of discarding a part of my starter every time I needed to feed it. I keep three starters white, w/w , rye. On the last feeding I used the white discards to make two loaves of bread, the w/w made some English muffins. So I decided to make pizza dough out of my rye. The percentages of rye is low so it is not like rye bread. It just added a bit of something different.

    So I made three rye doughs and the first two were quite good. I think it would be a good paring for some of the stronger toppings people use like goat cheese, lamb, or fishes. Tonight's last of the three doughs will have smoked oysters and perhaps goat cheese.

    The dough handled a bit different that I found most interesting. The dough had a real smooth texture. I was concerned that the rye would effect the gluten and make it difficult to stretch out but it had plenty of stretch but yet had a real nice flow.

    I think that even if you don't keep a rye starter any sourdough will do. Just add the proper amount of rye and withhold the same amount of white.

    Anyway just wanted to let you know what I was playing with.

    This is my quantities. It's all in grams and I hand mix the dough and stretch and fold three time on 30 minute intervals. Divide the dough and I keep them in small oiled bowls in the fridge overnight or for a few days. When I use the dough I take it from the fridge and give it some time to warm up a bit on the counter. I stretch it out and give it a rest before cooking. Well that's my process any way.

    For 556g per pizza 3 each 16" pie

    Starter 206g rye flour and 206g water.

    Rye Starter 412g
    White flour 750g
    Water 446g
    Salt 15g
    Olive oil 47g

    So this is a 21.5% rye @ 68% hydration pizza dough.

    I try and get a picture of tonight's pizza.
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    Re: Rye Sourdough Pizza Dough

    What's your white flour? Bread? AP?
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      Re: Rye Sourdough Pizza Dough

      I use bread flour. I did some side by side comparisons between KA bread flour and AP flour.
      To my simple country cooking and good eats attitude I could not tell the difference. Think I use bread flour mostly out of habit.