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  • pastrami

    In my last post on Holiday gift breads, I said that I also did Pastrami and Boston Baked Beans.

    I first did the beans since the temp needed to start was 350 - 375 floor temp.

    The recipe has navy beans, bacon,onion, molasses, salt, pepper and ground mustard. Very simple ingredients.

    The results are the 4 main food groups, salty, sweet, hot, grease.

    It tastes like a smokey candy. 5 lbs of dry beans Made about 6 quarts of finished BB Beans

    I followed up with a pastrami, 24 hours of spices in contact with a store bought corned beef flat. Then cold smoke (I used wet oak chips on coals) for about 5 hours at 180 degrees and lower.

    Then in the oven at 250 degrees until the pastrami temp is 175 degrees about 1-4 hours. Let rest and slice against the grain.

    It is the best tasting pastrami ever.

    If anyone wants the recipe for the BB beans or pastrami, I will post it. If you make it, let me know how it turns out for you
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    Re: pastrami

    Originally posted by navyintel View Post
    If anyone wants the recipe for the BB beans or pastrami, I will post it. If you make it, let me know how it turns out for you
    Of course we want that recipe, both look fantastic. I just ate an the photos made me hungry....



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      Re: pastrami

      YUUUP! I second that request for the recipe. Looks great. Did you use a smoker or a WFO on that pastrami? Now I need to figure out where to get that cut of meat around here in the boonies. I'm thinking possum would be easier to find :-)


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        Re: pastrami

        ? 4 pound corned beef brisket Flat cut (this are bought in bags in most grocery stores, including Costco)
        ? 3 tbsp coarsely ground black pepper (this makes it pretty hot)
        ? 2 tbsp ground coriander
        ? 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
        ? 1 tsp garlic powder
        ? 1 tbsp smoked paprika (Or a large Costco size paprika with about 1/4 tablespoon of wrights liquid smoke sprinkled in it and put on a shelf for a week - shake it every day to scatter the liquid.
        ? You can leave off the smoked paprika if you are smoking the meat.
        Rub 5-6 tablespoons of rub spice on washed and dried corned beef brisket flat.

        Wrap brisket in clear plastic and refrigerate for 24 hours

        smoke for 5 hours not over 180 degrees

        cook in Wood Fired Oven as the oven is cooling off at 250 degrees for 4 hours or reach 175 degrees on aluminum foil lined pan. The longer you can stretch out the cooking time the more tender the Pastrami.

        Allow to cool.

        To serve reheat by steaming in a microwave. Put Pastrami in a deep microwave safe bowl with plastic wrap over it, add a little water and gently reheat until steamed. Slice across the grain to make it more tender.


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          Boston Baked Beans

          1 lb (2 cups) dry navy beans
          1/4 lb slice bacon cut in 1 in pieces per pound of beans
          and or 1/2 lb salt pork(if used alone) or 1/4 lb salt pork with bacon
          1/2 medium onion per pound
          1/2 + cup molasses per pound (3 cups per 5 lbs of beans
          1 tsp dry mustard per pound of peans
          1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper per pound of beans
          1 tsp table salt

          Brine beans in solution for 24 hours

          3 TBLS uniodized table salt dissolved per
          4 quarts water (one gallon)
          cover dry beans with enough room for beans to expand by 2 1/2 times

          Oven to 350-375 floor temp.

          In a thin steel pot render bacon or brown rinsed salt pork and remove most oil when browned. If using salt pork cut salt pork into 1 in cubes.
          Peel onion and cut in half - put in bottom of pan.
          Drain off brine liquid and beans into a colander rinse of surface of beans and put in pot over bacon/salt pork and onion.

          In two cups of water put salt, pepper, and mustard stir to dissolve salt. Pour mixture over beans. Measure the molasses and pour over beans. Add water to cover beans by one inch.

          (Note: If you want to cut about 1/2 hour off the cooking time, you can have all of your spice liquids and molasses heated to boiling, as well as another pot of boiling water to bring the level up to the 1 inch level and add to beans. Then put the beans on stove and stove continue to heat just to simmering.)

          Cover pot and put in oven.

          Carefully stir after 2 hours.

          Remove pot cover and cook an additional 3- 4 hours.

          Check every 1/2 hour to make sure beans to do cook uncovered. Add water to cover and cook until tender. Pot should not boil.