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1st bake in my wfo

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  • 1st bake in my wfo

    made some ny style pizzas and ribs

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    Re: 1st bake in my wfo

    Looks Great! Bet they tasted even better!
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      Re: 1st bake in my wfo

      Well done Polo,

      The first tastes great, the rest get better and better


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        Re: 1st bake in my wfo

        Sorry this post relates not to last night but last weekend. One of our daughters had her Engagement Party so we decided to fire up both ovens as the mobile oven was not booked out. We had around 65 guests and cooked pizzas. To make things easier we rolled out the dough the day before and placed them,lightly floured, on Gladbake paper then into the freezer. We pulled out about 10 at a time and it made prep so much easier. I hadn't tried this method before but can highly recommend it. If guests have not had experience rolling out dough it can make the proccess really slow and they make a huge mess. The pre-rolled frozen bases eliminates this problem.
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          Re: 1st bake in my wfo

          Great idea, I've got a party comming up and will have to try it.
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            Re: 1st bake in my wfo

            So you topped them (so to speak) and then put them in the oven frozen? And well done to the OP! Nice pizzas and ribs!!!


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              Re: 1st bake in my wfo

              I would like to here the answer to asinemia's question also.

              Frozen dough in the oven or did you let them thaw a little?
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