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Cooking with Chip & Ann

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    Re: Cooking with Chip & Ann

    Hello Mrchipster!
    It has been a long time since I participated on the forum, but we make our own sausage all the time. My wife fries (or makes) the sausage in a fry pan--making a huge patty--the size of the fry pan. Then she lets it cool and tears it into pizza size pieces. It is a lot easier and less time consuming to do it this way. She also makes the sausage in a larger batch than you stated--puts pizza portion quantities into individual baggies and freeze for future use. We also purchase the pork in bulk and grind to our own specifications--always fresh and delicious! Works great! Hope all is well in Minnesota-land! Spring has sprung here and our garden is looking great! A lot of tomatoes---thanks to Russell Wong will come from my garden this year!