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First Pizza!

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  • First Pizza!

    Finished our oven this week and these are the first, official pizzas we cooked last night although I did cook some dough during one of the curing fires. We made some pizza sauce from canned tomatoes and it turned out really nice- since the tomatoes from the can had so much juice, what was going to be paste didn't cook down as far as we expected but ended up a perfect taste and consistency to use as a sauce.

    First pie is a meat combo, burger, canadian bacon, and pepperoni with cheese.

    Here I am trying to move a pizza.

    This is the second pizza (both cooked at the same time), olives, fresh mozzerella, and just a bit of pepperoni.

    We made a smaller third pizza but destroyed it on the way in to the oven. I think the dough had set too long and not enough rice flour on the peel- I ate a bit of it while cleaning up and nothing was left on the floor of the oven this morning after the fire tied down.

    We're looking forward to trying some other variations and some vegetables!

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    Re: First Pizza!

    Congrats! Tip for the sauce - drain all the liquid from the tomatoes - then add your spices and mash it up. It will be the right consistency w/o the liquid. I use a hand blender on my sauce, but I know many prefer a less smooth consistency and break them down with their hands.
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      Re: First Pizza!

      Thanks for the tip, realized later we should have drained the extra juice. I love the taste of tomatoes but don't like the texture of chunks or whole pieces. Used the hand blender to make the liquid really smooth.


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        Re: First Pizza!

        First congrats on the first pizza, I know you think they taste great now but they get even better over time.

        I push the tomatoes through a wire strainer by hand, first it drains off the excess juice and then it provides a fine sieve to get a nice smooth sauce, using a blender can break up the seeds and leave a bitter taste to the sauce