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Dual Paellas....

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  • Dual Paellas....

    A new culinary first for me,
    making two Paellas at once!
    Sharing life's positives and loving the slow food lane

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    Re: Dual Paellas....

    Ok that's great ..... [I love paella and have a couple of favourites].


    how did you cook them and what are they. They look great but am interested in the details. the Sofritto, the rice used, the ingredients how long you cooked them on a burner or in the oven.
    Cheers Colin

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      Re: Dual Paellas....

      Very nice. I have made Paella a couple times in the WFO. It's a crowd pleaser - but I haven't figured out how to get the "socarrat" - the crust on the bottom that is so key to great Paella. It seems to cook to fast on the top. Do you have any tips?
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        Re: Dual Paellas....

        Cooking a paella in the WFO is a truly interactive affair. At the inaugural Forno Bravo Expo I had the pleasure of watching Antonio Laudisio cook a paella in one of the smaller FB ovens. You can view a photos of him cooking and serving it on the FB Expo slideshow. He started by slowly browning the rice in oil and methodically adding ingredients in the order required to have them all finish cooking at the same time. Throughout the cooking process Antonio was constantly pulling the pan from the oven to rotate it and occasionally add water. The majority of the cooking time the pan was positioned just inside the mouth of the oven.
        My approach to achieving the crust would be to cover the pan with foil and return it to a hot spot on the floor until desired doneness once the paella was nearly finished.



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          Re: Dual Paellas....

          SpringJim, how involved is this? I'm in GR, bought a carbon steel paella pan at Stony Lake Cutlery last summer and have tried it a couple of times on the stove... I'm still producing "rice with stuff". I need to get the smoke from a fire to make paella. I was thinking the Weber, but I've got the WFO... might as well give it a try.