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  • Damascene pizzas

    These pizzas from Damascus are not regionally known as pizzas. In essence, they are nothing but pizzas; they are even very similar to the Neapolitan pizza having the thin dough, and cook exactly like it in a minute or so in a WFO. However, they are not (regionally) known as pizzas but are named individually. I can remember my late Damascene grand father bringing them with him when he was occasionally visiting us, was 5 or 6 years old. Rest in peace grandpa..

    Lamb pizza (Sfieha):
    The name means "sheet"
    ? kg lamb ground TWICE on the FINEST meat grinder blade
    ? cup yogurt
    ? cup pomegranate syrup (made by evaporating and concentrating pomegranate juice for several hours on a very low heat).
    1 handful size onion (ground with the lamb in the machine)
    2 cloves smashed garlic
    1 tablespoon spices: cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon.
    1 teaspoon salt
    Pine nuts for garnishing
    Some optional dough additives: corn oil, yogurt (not added here).

    Cheese pizza (Fatayer Bjibneh):
    The name means "cheese pies"
    1 kg fresh haloumi cheese (crumbled with hands)
    1 whisked egg
    Handful of chopped fresh parsley
    1 teaspoon salt

    Hot chili pizza (Mhammara):
    The name means "reddened"
    Chopped marinated hot chili

    Oregano pizza (Man’ousheh):
    Tha name means "inscribed"
    Zatar (readymade oregano blend) + olive oil

    The shape of the dough is mandatory for each (Rounded rectangle for lamb, boat like for cheese, gear like for chili, and circular for oregano). It accentuates the individuality of them. They are proper for breakfast, dinner, or supper, but the lamb one is the most suitable for dinners. They are all minis; dimensions up to 8”.
    These on the pictures were homemade by me and my wife yesterday.
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    Re: Damascene pizzas

    There's a great Middle Eastern Bakery in Melbourne,where I have tried most of those.
    A few Lebanese and Turkish variations around too.

    Great flavours.