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Spanish Meatballs and Vegetable Skewers

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  • Spanish Meatballs and Vegetable Skewers

    I did my first dutch oven cooking in my Artigiano oven -- great results!

    I used the spanish meatballs recipe and the rosemary vegetable skewers recipes from this site. The meatballs, I did them in a Lodge cast iron dutch oven. The skewers, I had two long rosemary stalks, which I used (per the recipe) but also have some citrus rosemary skewers (store bought). The skewers were done on a Tuscan grill.

    I built a fire the same size as I normally would for pizza, the dome started to turn white in the middle. I just didn't keep putting on more logs as I would have for pizza.

    I let the logs burn down and pushed the coals over to the side for the Tuscan grill and left room on the right for the dutch oven.

    Meatballs went in, about 10 minutes, before taking them out and putting in some more tomato sauce and some beef broth. They were really browning up nicely, which surprised me with the existing tomato sauce in the pan.

    I put the skewers on and continued with the meatballs. Flipped the skewers after about 5 minutes, put them back in for another 5 or so. Just before the skewers were done, I checked the internal temp on the meatballs and took the oven out.

    Click on the link below for pictures -- it's easier for me to upload them here than into the board here.

    Picasa Web Albums - Mark - Pizza Oven Co...

    Click on my public galleries for more pictures of my oven and previous cooking.
    Keller TX
    Artigiano 39"
    former Phoenix resident and Pizzeria Bianco fan