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Another Pizza Party

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  • Another Pizza Party

    These pics are from mid July, we had a group of about 24 people, made around 30 pies. I'll split the pics into two posts, first ones to do with prep, the other of the party

    Dough prep - 2 pics, trying these plastic bowls out, mixed results so far

    Grilling veggies

    Cooking Italian sausage fully

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    Re: Another Pizza Party

    And pics from the party.

    1- Cooking away

    2 - A guest so happy about her chicken and shrimp fajita combo and whatever else she could throw on it pizza

    3 - The happy crowd (wine always helps)

    4 - Last but not least a nice desert pie, chocolate under the roasted marshmallows


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      Re: Another Pizza Party

      Thanks, Richie,
      A S'Mores Pizza! How cool is that! Everything looks great. That chicken and shrimp fajita pizza looks really good as well (I'd have a big smile on my face too ) Would you be willing to share how to put one together?


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        Re: Another Pizza Party

        How was the oven temp? Did you get 2 minute pizzas?
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          Re: Another Pizza Party

          Drake, oven temp stayed up above 850, but I was adding wood throughout the night, 2 minutes or less, worked well.

          rberg, She added lots to that pie. The chicken was seasoned pretty heavely and I grilled the chicken breasts before the party and shoved them in the fridge until the eparty. I used ample amounts of garlic powder, chile powder and Lousianna style seasoning (Tony's).

          The shrimp I seasoned in a bowl using same stuff, tossed them in olive oil, lime juice and a little beer then through them on a fajita style cast iron skillet that I had in the oven when it was pizza hot, and WOW, they jumped off that thing and were done before I could pull the skillet back out. Found a new toy to play with in the oven!


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            Re: Another Pizza Party

            Richie, excellent. Marinated shrimp popping on a hot cast iron skillet. That's something you can't do without a wood-fired oven!

            You can do something similar with stuffed mushrooms.
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              Re: Another Pizza Party

              Originally posted by Richie View Post
              WOW, they jumped off that thing and were done before I could pull the skillet back out. Found a new toy to play with in the oven!
              One is reminded that the French verb "Saute" means "Jump"
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